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Lea's P.O.V

I woke to the sound of screaming and me being me I sat up in annoyance and managed to bang my head. What a great way to start my day, I thought sarcastically to myself. Making my down the stairs from the attic, in other words, a tiny room that can bearly fit a single sized mattress in it with one window the size of a piece of toast.

I heard another high pitched scream. Brittany . An abomination in my personal view. And as per usual this I when the true screaming starts.


I scurried my "fat ass" in there with the knowledge that if I didn't I would be in some rather deep shit. Walking in I looked around her room it was so big but ugh, it was PINK EVERYWHERE, and the fact that my room, the attic, would only take up half her wardrobe was just disturbing. Obviously, I didn't check the room well enough as just a second later a stiletto wearing figure came up to me and began screaming.

"BITCH, YOU THINK YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT BUT YOU CANT YOU SEE CAUSE YOU'RE A LITTLE WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT AND I WISH YOU DIED ALONG WITH MERRIDAH!" Tears pricked up in my eyes then something I was excepting her to do she gave me a beating. Just like every other day for the past six years. By the end of it crawling was one of the many things I would not be capable of.

Hii, I am re-writing and editing the majority of this book so I hope you enjoy!
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