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Hello, so this my first wrestling story. Please don't hate on me and my story. Phone conversation in Bold.  I am not using their real names, I will use their ring names instead. Hope you like it. Enjoy.

(Monday, September 19,2000)

(7 hours before Raw)

(Triple H's POV)

I have been sitting here for 2 hours. They won't let me back into the hospital room. I just need to know if Chyna and my baby girl are ok. I may be with Steph now but I still care about Chyna. I am currently pacing the waiting room of the hospital.

Shawn sighs, "Hunter, calm down. Everything is going to be fine. Please come sit down and relax."

I growl at my best friend," I can't calm down Shawn. What if something goes wrong and my baby girl dies?"

Shawn smiles, " Hunter, The doctors won't let her die."

I smile, " How do you know that everything is going to be ok?"

Shawn smirks, " Because I was in your place 8 months ago and everything turned out fine. Cameron is ok and so is Rebecca."

I smile, " Thanks for trying to calm me, but I am still nervous. Chyna has gone into labor four months early, what if something is wrong?"

Shawn smiles, "If something is wrong the doctors will handle it. Now please just sit your ass down and chill the fuck out."

I sigh and sit next to Shawn and my leg starts bouncing up and down. Shawn puts his hand on my knee to stop it from bouncing. I sigh and lay my head on Shawn's shoulder. Shawn lays his head on mine and we both fall asleep. 2 hours later we are woken up by a nurse. I am the first to wake up fully. Once I am awake, I wake up Shawn. Shawn wakes up and looks at me and I just point to the nurse.

The Nurse smiles, " You must be Hunter and Shawn. I just wanted to let you know that both Chyna and the baby girl are ok and you can come see them now."

I smile back," Thank you so much, can you show us what room they are in?"

The nurse nods and leads us to the room. I walk in followed by Shawn. Chyna is looking at our baby girl with pure hatred and I start to get mad. Shawn puts his hand on my shoulder and I start to calm down. I walk over to the bed and smile as I see my little girl. She is perfect. Chyna hands her to me with a look of disgust on her face. I happily take my little girl and hold her in my arms. I never knew that holding a baby would feel like this. I am so proud to be her father. Shawn comes over and lays his head on my shoulder, so he can see her as well.

Shawn smiles, " She is beautiful man. Now let me hold my goddaughter."

I laugh and hand her over to Shawn. Shawn takes her and smiles at her. Shawn is going to be great with her. I am glad I choose him to raise her. I really want to raise my daughter, but Steph can't know about her. I watch as she opens her eyes and looks at Shawn.

Shawn smiles, "She has your eyes, Hunter."

I look at her and smile, " Yeah she does."

Shawn sighs, "So What is her name?"

I smile even wider, "Indiana Emersyn Levesque, but as far as everyone else is concerned, her last name is Hickenbottom."

Shawn looks confused, " what do you mean her last name is Hickenbottom to everyone else?"

I laugh, "I want you to raise her Shawn."

Shawn smiles, "I would be honored to raise her for you."

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