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Peter's eyes were glued to his phone screen, but he really had been trying to listen to MJ before he walked into that pole.

He was sitting on a park bench on the ESU quad while his friend tries to convince the guy selling shaved ice to just give her an unflavored cone and Peter would laugh if his head didn't feel like he'd grown a second heart. He tried to keep his head held up but somehow his eyes were back on his phone. There was a new post on the @humansofny page.

It wasn't like he checked it every day or often for that matter, but as a fellow photographer there was just such beauty in providing such honest images and stories that he couldn't even imagine giving readers by working for the University newspaper.

"You weren't even listening to a thing I said, were you?"

"I was trying to?" he said more like a question, still looking down at his phone.

"A likely story," she said jokingly, poking at the bump quickly swelling on his forehead. He flinched but didn't show any other reaction so she leaned over his shoulder, grabbing his hand and forcing him to hold a napkin full of shaved ice onto his head. "What's got you so preoccupied?"

"It's this guy." He shifted so he could hold the ice himself and lift his phone to show her where he'd clicked on the guy's personal instagram from the comments under the picture. His page boasts the username @HugeJackedMan even if his title says Wade Wilson. "I feel like I know him from somewhere?"

MJ snatched the phone from his hands to try and get a closer look, but even she looked stumped.

"Isn't he that guy we met at Harry's house warming? The neighbor with the husband and the weird dog?"

"Nope. That guy had that like prosthetic arm or whatever, remember?"

"Oh! What about the guy we saw—"

"With the pigeons?" He shook his head then pointed across the park to where the guy was standing with one leg perched on a bench, surrounded by birds.

"Well his bio says he's an insta-model, so maybe you've just seen him on your explore page? You look at lots of art reference and photography, right?"

"Well, yeah..."

"So maybe you just know him from that." MJ shrugged and handed his phone back to him as if the problem was solved.

"Yeah," he agreed, staring at the screen for another moment before locking it and putting it in his pocket anyway. That guy looked too familiar to be just another art reference from one of his design projects. Problem not solved. "Maybe you're right."

"First of all, Parker. I'm always right."

He smiled at her but his mind was still going a thousand miles a minute. There were millions of people living in New York even more than that visiting or going to school there. There was no way he'd know or remember all of them, but he knew this guy... Wade Wilson. Not even his name was ringing any bells.

The alarm on MJ's phone chose that moment to buzz however, forcing them off the bench and going separate ways towards their last couple of classes for the day.

Peter's day went fine, if fine meant he had no chance of focusing in any of his afternoon labs. In Digital Design, he almost deleted all of the work on his external hard drive; in Chemistry, he broke 3 beakers before he was asked to step out; and in Biology, he almost cut his partner twice until they took the scalpel and decided to split the damn pig themself. He wished he could do more than apologize and look sheepish, but he sure it'd be worse if he said he'd gotten a crush on an Instagram model he was sure he'd only ever met once and most likely by accident.

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