☠ Day One - Part II: The Rules☠

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The next time Yuzuko woke up, he was in a padded cell with everyone, excluding Lisa and the bus driver. Hovering around the fear-stricken faces and stuttering bodies. The scent of Lavender threw her off along with the orchestra in the background. She saw that Bobby stuck close to Todd, appearing more at ease by somebody he knew and trusted. Yuzuko wrapped her arms around Sakura. "It's happening." 

"What are we going to do?" Sakura squealed. 

It was a question, Yuzuko couldn't answer. 

"Calm down, everybody!" Todd said with his hands in the air. "I'm sure this is all one big publicity stunt."

"No, it isn't!" Lavender, the American girl cried out, slapping the bars. Her purple fringe flew around her face. "We've been locked up like criminals." Her eyes welled up as she threw herself into her boyfriend's arms. "We've done nothing wrong."

Pieter from the Netherlands rummaged through his pockets. "Where's my passport? Where's my phone? Shit! Somebody's taken it." He charged at Todd and tightened his fists around his throat. "Was it you?"

"No! Get off me!"

They had divided themselves into two parts of the cell. One pulling Pieter away, and the other pulling Todd away. As both men were well built it was a challenge. Yuzuko stood between them, trying to help both sides. 

"Stop!" Yuzuko ordered. "Fighting each other won't get us anywhere."

"Hi, guys!" Lisa waved at them outside their cell. The similarities to the former pop-star, Sia Bucks was so uncanny, Yuzuko felt as if she was the real thing. The woman appeared to be trying to recapture her golden teenage days with her skimpy latex and purple afro. Yuzuko felt Sakura collapse onto her side when Lisa took a key from out of her cleavage and unlocked the door. Lisa smiled, silver lipstick glistening under the light. She was a spitting image of Sia Bucks.

"Is that you, Lisa?" Hendrik, a friend of Pieter asked.

"Of course, it is."

Pieter gasped. "Blimey, you look so different and stunning." He leaned over to Hendrik and whispered. "I wouldn't mind."

Hendrik chuckled. "Me neither."

Honestly, is sex all that men think about nowadays?

Lisa pointed to the door behind her. "Would you all like to come with me please?"

They did as they were told. Lisa led them to a golden corridor with black roses decorated on the bannisters. Every couple of metres, there were portraits of broken robots. Yuzuko spotted the cameras and TV crew lurking in the dark corners. 

Lisa brought them all into a deserted boardroom with four black walls, 21 chairs and a round table. The seats had already been allocated with name tags. The chandelier above them, dripping with pearls gave life to the room. 

Yuzuko listened to the chatting around her. Most of them spoke in their own language, but she fluent in English so could understand Bobby and Todd. 

"If I had a penny for every camera I've spotted, I'd be loaded," Bobby said to Todd. 

"You'd have to be rich to have diamonds on the bannisters. Makes my old man look like a pauper. Still, it's got to be some big hoax." 

Yuzuko gritted her teeth, curling her lips. "Yes, it's so obvious that it is." She only wished it wasn't sarcasm. 

"Good evening, everybody," Lisa said with a smile, leaning over to be head of the table. "You are all here because you have been chosen to take part in the holiday of a lifetime. And the holiday of a lifetime is taking place right now!"

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