Chapter 24-Triggered

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Tom rubs his neck. He's probably embarrassed from the spill. I stand up and wipe the beer off my stool. I'm still wet, but it'd be crummy if I didn't dry the seat and let someone else sit on it. I'm glad for the darkness of the room because no one will be able to see the beer stain in here anyway.

It's freezing and unfortunately, I was sitting under the air conditioning coming down from the ceiling for the past two hours since Stella and I arrived. I'm a little colder now since the beer spilled on me. His trucker jacket feels itchy when he places it over my shoulders. I mutter a "thanks" feeling the heavy fabric weigh me down a little.

We part from the bar and head into the back of the spacious, rowdy room. A few pool tables are situated in the back. I find Stella watching the game Colin's joined in on already. I meet her over in a lounge chair while watching the game with her from afar as Tom walks over joining in the game.

Stella swirls her pinkie finger in her half-empty glass of alcohol. "This is nice, want a drink? I was about to head back to the bar. I'll grab you something."

"Sure, just grab me whatever. I'm not feeling picky."

Or thirsty much either, but I can tell she's itching to get up from her seat. I'm a little annoyed Colin isn't spending time with her and instead his buddies, but so is Tom. It's just a game, but going by the amount of empty glasses accompanying Stella she's been sitting here alone for some time.

Her glaring at Colin's back is a pretty good indicator too of her mood. Not to mention the pretty brunette chatting him up right now. "Stella-" I start to say seeing her head over to the pool table.

I jump feeling something playfully pull my hair from behind my chair.

"It's just me," Tom says. His mask his off now letting me see his small sweet smile. "We haven't hit the dance floor yet."

"Alright!" I laugh while shrugging off his jacket.

I've never really danced with him yet, but I don't think I can call this dancing. Other people are starting to notice too and I can't really blame them. It's not a slow song that's playing. It's club music, upbeat and blaring loud. Even if it was a slow song I don't think his touch would be appropriate. I don't even know if I can call it a "touch".

His hand hasn't abandoned its post doing rounds over my lower back and butt. I don't think he's ever even touched me like this at home. It doesn't feel right in a place like this...or at all right now for that matter.

"Tom, you can't grope me like this...people are staring."

He still hasn't bothered opening his eyes. "What?" he mumbles.

My face turns red seeing Will enter the crowd, but he hasn't noticed us yet. I tug Tom's arm leading him away from the dance floor. He isn't walking fast enough. It feels like he's doing it on purpose too. He probably was having a good time, but it was sort of uncomfortable for me and if Will would have came up to us...

"Let's sit over here," Tommy says while reclaiming his seat on the stool. I sit down on the other side of him -- avoiding the sticky stool he spilled beer on earlier. "Can I get the hot wings and..." he tells the lady behind the bar. He looks at me, but I don't know what I want to eat.

In a hurry, I pick up the small menu ignoring the large man sitting on the other side of me who reeks of alcohol. "I'll have a burger."

"Me too." Tom echos.

He slides his mask back over his face while standing up. "I'll be back. I'm going to catch up with an old friend. I'll only be a minute."

"Okay!" I holler above the noise around us.

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