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"I'm going now, eomma." Jungkook is going back now.

"Oh, yes. We'll visit you If we have time."

"Yes, okay. Hyung, take good care of eomma."

"Yep, take care. Tell us If you're back."

"I will."


TWICE are back, they are preparing for their next concerts and other performances for music shows. BTS opened their new game and collaborated with Charlie XCX for the OST. Dahyun heard about it.

"They collaborated with two Charlies now." She said.

"Dahyun, I heard you got sick." Jihyo said.

"She did, aigoo." Chaeyoung hugged Dahyun.

"I'm okay now. I missed you guys!" She smiled.

"I miss TWICE too." Momo said.

"Let's get back to work! Let's work hard, TWICE." Jihyo said.

After they practiced, Dahyun went out of JYP. She wants to go see her cousin, Suho.

"Oppa." They are at Jin's restaurant.

"Oh, this place looks very nice." Suho said. "How are you, Dahyun?"

"I'm doing great, oppa. I heard Xiumin sunbaenim already enlisted in military."

"Ah yes, I will be joining him by the end of the year."

"Really? Good luck, sunbae-- I mean oppa." Suho chuckled.

"Oh, you ordered?"

"Ah, yes. Try it oppa, It's Jin oppa's dishes."

"Really?" Suho tried it. "Hmm, woah. It's chef Jin's?" Dahyun nodded.

"I'm happy that we can reveal ourselves as cousins now, oppa."

"Me too, but I still didn't talk to Jin and Jisoo."

"Ah, they're just busy oppa."

"You're not?"

"It's our practice day, we finished early."


"Omo, oppa. Do you have schedules today??? Did you cancelled it because I called you? I'm sorry." Dahyun bowed.

"No, no, no Dahyun. It's okay, I have no schedules today."

"Let's see what we can eat!"

"I'm starving!"


"I don't want to leave Korea, let's stay here for a month or something." JHope said.

"As if." Suga said coldly.

"Guys, let's go eat."

"Oh, oh! I'm hungry." Taehyung smiled.

"Let's go guys. My treat." Jin winked and walked out, BTS members followed him.

"Ah, here." Taehyung pouted. They are in front of Jin's restaurant.

"Ya, are you complaining? I'm bringing you here for free. My restaurant is a five star."

"Five star?" Suga chuckled sarcastically.

"Ye, for ARMYs, ONCEs and BLINKs." Namjoon shook his head and headed inside the restaurant.

"Let's see what we can eat!" He yelled.

"I'm starving!" Taehyung said. Everyone looked at them.

"Omo, first... Dahyun and Suho, now BTS! AAAAA!" A woman said. BTS bowed at them.

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