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She then stopped, she grabbed a tickle stick then started tickling my pussy with it. She then lap danced all over me and then she turned so I was facing her back. Then she humped me.
J: mami,
?: you want more baby girl?
J: yesss mami.
She traced her finger down my body and stopped at my pussy.
?: your about to be a full course meal.
She ate my pussy out . Then after at least five minutes of me moaning and screaming. She unstrapped me and lifted me up. She laid on the bed and plonked me sat up on top of her head. She continued to eat my Pussy but this time it was somewhat better and more intense.
J: MAMI!!! Mmmm.
She moved me so I was sat on her vagina.
?: baby girl get in doggy position on the floor. Your mine now.
I got in doggy position and she put a leash around my neck. She tied me up to a post and teased me by moving her head just further than where my vagina could reach. She unleashed me then lifted me up and put me in bed. She came into bed. We made out . Then she sucked my boobs and then we fell asleep with her on top of me.
The next day.
I woke up next to the woman.
?: you want more baby girl?
She turned me around so I was laid on my stomach and she got on top of me and sucked my asscheeks then she licked between my ass cheeks and did magical things .
?: what's wrong baby girl?
J: I want it to be night time and I love you.
?: it's now nighttime.
The room got darker and she started humping me. She stopped and caressed my face.
?: I love you too.
We made out for like 10 minutes. Then I fell asleep while hugging her

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