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What sticky situation was I currently stuck in?

A wild Minji was dragging me to play darts.

"Come on! Just one game. Let's see who can win that," she pointed directly at the huge teddy bear in the corner of the booth.

"Psh, the game is on, Kang Minji!"

Trying to precisely pinpoint where to hit, I throw it and...it ends up at the end of the target.

"Haha! What a loser... I'll show you how to play darts!"

She tries to aim at the middle, but like my throw, it hits the end of the target.

"Looks like I'm not such a loser after all, huh?"

"Shut up! You were distracting me!"

"Mm, sounds more like you were distracted by my visuals..."

"No! What do you mean?!" You can hear the slight enragement from her tone.

"Aw Minji! You're red!"

"Minhee?" We both exclaimed out in unison.

We didn't expect him to be here.

"Why are you here? I thought you went to hang out with your friends..."

"Hyeongjun happened to want to go to the carnival as well, so him, me, and Wonjin decided to come. Seems you're busy too, gotta blast!"

"He has the worst timing," I mumbled under my breath.



"How about let's go get cotton candy and go onto the ferris wheel?"


I slung my arm around her neck, and saw that she jumped when I did the action.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, just got a little surprised."


"You usually don't do physical affection to me, Eunsang..."

She was right.

What was up with me?

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