chapter 3

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chap 3

stars pov

i woke up and i found a guys shirt in my room wait i smelled it i know this smell it uhhhmmmm NICKS why do i have his shirt i looked at my window it was shut last night why is it open he was here wait i remember someone kidded my head was it him?

i took a shower and found a pair of short shorts and a blue v neck shirt that showed a little of my scar and i took his shirt guys ill be back i told them as i walked out i thought about letting my wolf out for a wile but i couldent risk it i ran to his house and rang the door bell this old man answered hi is nick here i asked him may i ask who you are he asked me im star from starlight pack oh he said ill go get him please come in thank you i said.


he yelled nicks name and i saw him come down the stairs with his shorts on and no shirt ill leave you to alone the man said and left i shoved his shirt in his arms you forgot something i turned to walk out put he grabed my hand and we were face to face agian and this time he bent down and he kissed me it was the best kiss i ever had i looked at him and then a girl came down wearing one of his shirts and she pushed me away and kissed him i shook my head star why did you kiss him i turned and walked out but nick came after me i was half way in the woods when he grabed my waist and lifted me up and and kissed me this time i couldent stop i just keepet kissing him then i remembered the girl he kissed i pushed him away stop you have a mate go kiss her not me. wait star he said as i walked away.







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