Chapter 5

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-The Pollywog Part II-

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-The Pollywog Part II-

"I've got to go." Pine said suddenly.
"What?" Thorn asked.
"I-I'll come back if I can... but, I've just... I've got to go."
Pine ran out the door leaving a very confused Thorn behind her.

Pine ran through Hawkins trying to be as hidden as possible. She'd seen Eleven out in the street. She wasn't supposed to be out of the house. Pine ran after her.


"What happened?" Thorn asked when Pine came bursting through the doors once again.
"She ran away. I- I couldn't get to her. But I can find her. I've got to go after her." Pine replied in a rush.
"..ok. But uh... if you're gonna go after her you're gonna need a disguise. Or at least you need to not look like a farm girl." Thorn snickered, still too in shock to make a smart decision.
"Come on, I think I can find some stuff." Thorn told the girl as he walked out of his room.
In the attic they found a bin of his sisters old clothes from when she was younger. The two dug through it u til they found an outfit suitable for Pine. Next Thorn dragged some makeup out and put it over near Pine.

When Pine emerged from the bathroom Thorn's eyes widened. She no longer looked like the shy little girl Thorn had first met a year ago in that little headwear store, she looked older and more confident. Thorn didn't really know what to feel or what he did feel, but it confused him. Was it pride? No, it couldn't be. Thorn just decided to brush the feeling away.

"Good?" Pine asked, nerves creeping onto every one of her words.
"Y-yeah." Replied Thorn.
"Ok, uh... I've got to find her now."
"How do you do that?"
"Like this." She replied.
Pine took a strip of fabric from her pocket and tied it over her eyes as a blindfold. She focused as hard as she could and suddenly she was in the void again. Pine looked around. She saw Eleven from afar. However, nothing around her gave any signal to where she was.

Pine took the blindfold off. Thorn looked at her questioningly.
"It didn't work." She said. "But I have another idea. Do you have paper and a pencil?"
"Uh, yeah."

A moment later Pine and Thorn we're sitting at a table and Pine was gripping a pencil. She'd never actually tried to channel a drawing before or whatever, but it was worth a shot.

Pine focused as hard as she could on Eleven and began to draw. When she was finished the paper showed Eleven standing in the middle of Chicago.

"What's that mean?" Thorn asked.
"I means...I'm going to Chicago." Pine replied.

A/N sorry it's so short and probably very bad. Oof. I was motivated then I wasnt😳

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