Atlas Special Ops Jaune

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In another part of the mansion we see Crazy looking at a digital list. On the list is recommendations the readers have suggests for Crazy to show. Man, trying to find a good universe is hard. Kaneki vs Jason? If I can remember that's Tokyo Ghoul. No, I'm not a big fan of that but maybe in the future. Black Ops 2 Zombies, Origin cutscene? I do fancy myself some Call Of Duty Zombies. But another time. Kung Fu Panda, huh. Have to say they were okay movies but not right now. Crazy said as he was scrolling through. Think, Crazy, think. You got to find a universe for them to see and all the recommendations have some interesting stuff but not any I want to do. Crazy thought as he scratches his head in frustration. Just then Crazy got an idea as he disappears.

~Scene Change~

ALRIGHT!!! Crazy said Starling most of the Faunus and Humans. "What the fuck!" Yang said as she gets ready to fight. Oh, sorry. Just wanted to tell you how showing new universes is going to be. Crazy said. "Okay. How are you going to show us?" Jaune asked as he calmed down. Okay the first three universes were my universes that I found or did something to change it. But today I'm only showing you two of mine and two recommendations. Once, the second break is over you are only going to get one universe from me and the other three are going to be from the readers for the rest of your stay here. Readers really do have some interesting recommendations. Crazy said as he looks at everyone. "But are we going to see continuation of these universes?" Doctor Oobleck asked. Crazy nods as he turns to the screen.

The screen comes to life as it shows a petite blonde girl between Team Rwby and Pyrrha, Nora and Ren to her side. "I can't wait for you guys to meet Jaune. He's really cool and awesome." She said as she looks excited. "Man, Joan your brother must be something to get you this excited." Ruby said as she looks at her first friend of Beacon.

"Joan? Whose that?" Ruby asked. In this universe Jaune has a twin sister. She gets Crocea Mors while Jaune got sent to Atlas for military training. Crazy said gaining the attention of the Arc family. "Why would I send my baby boy to Atlas?" Juniper Arc asked Crazy. Because, this version of your Husband John is friends with General Ironwood. Crazy said sadly. "Why would that be a bad thing? If he was under my training he would be one of my special ops." Ironwood said. You did exactly that and he became your number one special ops at the age of fifteen. You also gave the Council of Atlas enough evidence to make Jaune the next General if you die in battle or retire. Crazy said surprising everyone. "Holy shit! That kid must have really impressed you, Jimmy." Qrow said taking a swig from his flask. "But, why?" John asked. In this you made them fight each other with wooden swords. The winner becomes the next Heir/Heiress to the Arc Family. The loser gets sent to Atlas for military training. Now watch. Crazy said.

"Ruby, Joan is always easy to excite. But, if I do recall my sister, Winter. Has told me about your brother Jaune, she said that he was the only person to defeat her and her most hated rival Qrow Branwmen." Weiss said making Ruby and Yang stare at Weiss. "Your sister knows our Uncle Qrow." Yang said. Ruby sqeuals in delight. "We can bond over how much my Uncle hates your sister and how much your sister hates my Uncle?!" Ruby said excitedly. "Not a great way to bond but, hey our family has a connection to the big Schnee family." Yang said.

"Only, Ruby would find a way to bond with that." Yang said as she pulls Ruby into a one arm hug. "Can't...breath...." Ruby weakly said as she tries to escape her sister's grip. Ruby looks at someone for help many just look away. She looks at Jaune as he nods to Ruby. Ruby reaches into her pocket and pulls out lighting dust crystal and pokes Yang on her arm. "Ow. Ruby, what was that for." Yang said as she loses feelings in her arm. Ruby is catching her breath. "So you won't suffocate her in your death hug, Yang. Also don't give that she didn't say anything crap. My older sisters did that to me a lot when I was growing up." Jaune said as he turns back to screen. 'I guesd Vomit Boy hasn't cooldown from yesterday.' Yang thought as she look back at the screen.

"And we're here!" Joan said stopping in front of a 5-star hotel. "Your brother lives is Vale's most famous hotel!" Weiss screams as she looks at Jeanna. "Did I forget to mention that? My bad guess I was so excited. Anyway lets go, to the very top floor." Joan said. "He owns the house on top of the Hotel!" Weiss said starting to lose her mind. "Yup! Now lets go!" Joan said with enthusiasm as her friends follow quietly.

"Man this version of me seems to see money as an object." Jaune said. Considering the fact that you have info that Ironwood wants to keep secret, he is willing to give you the money to keep it a secret. Crazy said. "And what would that be?" Ironwood asked. He found out about Salem and threatened to reveal all the info you have on her to the public. Since he's your best Specil Ops you can't lose that too. So you made a deal with him. Crazy said. "Doesn't that mean that version of me also has Ozpin in his grip." Jaune said making Ozpin go wide eye. Crazy just nods and turns back to the screen.

The two teams reach the top of the hotel "Man, this place is nice." Yang said as she looks around. "No kidding. Many want to live in a place like this." Blake said. The living room looks like a home theater. "I wonder if Joan-Joan brother can let us watch movies on his T.V." Nora said as she stares at the T.V. "Just let me talk with my brother and see if he can let us use his place as a hangout." Joan said as she walks to the kitchen. "Have you already been here Joan?" Pyrrha asked as she takes a seat on the couch. "Yup, Jaune should be in the kitchen be back in a bit." Joan said entering the kitchen.

"You know that living room is looking oddly familiar." Tai said rubbing his chin. "Yeah, like I've it somewhere before." Yang said joining her father. Oh, give me a break will you. Plus my place is a lot bigger then his place. So shut your mouth and more sarcasm. Crazy said looking annoyed. "Can we get back to the universe. I want to see the different version of Jaune." Ruby said as she gets more popcorn. "She's not wrong. I want to see this version of myself also." Jaune said grabbing his own popcorn.

"So, you must be my sister's friends. It's nice to finally meet you." A calm voice is heard behind them. "He isn't in the kitchen but- Oh, hey Jaune!" Joan said as she was entering the living room again. "Hello, Joan. This must be your Team and Team Rwby." Jaune said. Both teams turn their attention behind them. Jaune is wearing a white tuxedo with gold accents as he holds his hands behind his back, his messy hair looks well groom as the white and gold make his dark blue eyes pop out. Team RWBY and Pyrrha are blushing madly. "Well, hello handsome. The names Yang Xiao-long." Yang said as she walks up to Jaune flaunting her assets.

The screen fades to black.

Jaune, Tai, Qrow and Raven begin to choke on popcorn or drinks but Crazy stops this as soon as he sees it. While Said Team and partner are blushing madly as well with a fashionista and bunny also. "I'm going to kill you!" Tai, Qrow and Raven scream as they try to jump at Jaune to only be chained back to their seats. "Just imagine how the grandchildren would look like John." Juniper Arc said as he looks at her husband. "Mom!" Jaune screams as he begins to blush. Heh, this just got interesting don't you think. Crazy said to Zwei. *bark*(More pats on the head.) Crazy begins to give Zwei pats.


"Huh, what was that noise?" Ruby said gaining the attention of everyone. Remember I did say you will get things from universes that will be useful for Jaune or a gift for others. Crazy said putting Zwei down. "Ooohhh, let's go check it out." Nora said. "Where exactly do we check?" Ren said keeping Nora at bay. It should be in your locker Jaune. I think Ruby will enjoy your new weapons. But we should wait for break before we check them out. Crazy said. "Aww, but new weapons." Ruby said pouting. "Don't worry Ruby I'll let you check them out." Jaune said to Ruby as she brightens up.

"But we didn't see any weapons in this viewing." Blake said. Most likely because they share the same Semblance. Crazy said gaining the attention of Ozpin and Jaune. "Do you know what his Semblance is Crazy." Ozpin said. Yup, Aura Amplification. It fits well with Jaune since he has a lot of Aura. Crazy said. "Wait didn't we see me use my Semblance from the orb that showed us the future." Jaune said. Yup, it should be unlocked by now. So you're welcome and I hope you enjoy it. I'm off to see what the readers suggested for the next universe. Crazy said disappearing.

Jaune stunned hearing that his Semblance is unlocked and looks at his hands as he makes hus Aura flare. 'Aura Amplification. This should be interesting.' Jaune thought.

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