four - louis

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four – louis

 A dry feeling took over Louis’ throat.

            Timmy was one of a kind, and even though Louis wasn’t one to admit someone else’s qualities that often, but he could easily tell that Timmy was a snake who obeyed his every command, and would not dare attack anyone else – without Louis’ command, at least – and Louis himself knew that he wasn’t going to do so. But as he watched every single person in his room, he could feel everyone’s stares piercing through his body, a feeling he had unfortunately become accustomed to, because of his grandmother mainly, but this was his future job. It wouldn’t be exactly proper to go off murdering people with his snake. Or, at least getting people to think that.           

            Liam blinked, looking extremely distraught, “What, what is this, what are you on about again, Angie?” he asked the woman, but she just kept shaking and trembling, something which seemed completely different to the behavior she possessed when Louis first talked to her.

            “L-liam, I swear, I did not – I – his body is in the toilets, just laying on the floor, he’s – he’s one of our customers, do you understand what kind of damage this could bring – “

            “I know what the fucking damage could be!” Liam suddenly growled. Harry instantly bucked away to the wall, his brows contracting and curling up like a ball in the corner; apparently he wasn’t too fond of angry men. A small fluttering of the heart was enough reaction for Louis, for he was not fond of exaggerating when it came to emotions. He did not dare to scoff at Harry, though. Harry was an exception. “Niall, could you please come with me, Angie call Zayn and Josh up to my office – “

            “Could I come as well?” Harry interrupted suddenly, big, deer eyes full of hope. He slowly stood up from the corner, hands awkwardly draped around his torso with his right foot resting on top of the left one.

            “Harry, this is some serious situation we’ve been forced to deal with, you should better stay here. Mr. Tomlinson might as well stay here as well with you to guard you – “

            “’M not a baby!” Harry screeched angrily as the two men exited the room, and without Louis noticing, he brought his wrist to his teeth and bit on it harshly, shutting his eyes closed due to the pain.

            “Hey, hey!” Louis shouted, springing upon the small boy and pulling his arm away from his vicious mouth; there are already teeth marks formed onto his porcelain, milky white complexion, small purple spots covering the surface, “Harry, don’t do that to yourself,”

            “B-but I’m not a – a baby!” Harry exclaimed again furiously, tears prickling in his eyes. He tried to raise his hand into his mouth again, but Louis was quicker than him, grabbing it by the wrist forcefully and bringing it to his own, pressing light, almost feathery kisses on top of each wound, eyes locked with Harry’s piercing green ones.

            The skin was so soft underneath his lips that if Louis didn’t have such an excellent self – control, he would have already ravished the younger boy, “No teeth. Only kisses.” He spoke, turning his attention back to Harry’s wrist and kissing it softly, “You only deserve kisses,” he blurted out before thinking, pressing his lips into a thin line when he saw Harry’s reaction. Green eyes comically almost bulging out of their sockets, plump lips bruised from the constant teeth biting Harry abused them with.

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