1}The Meeting

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Magnus and Simon were almost at the end of their double shift at Java Jones. Both were bone-tired and their bodies were begging to give up, but no such luck. Thirty minutes after their shift at the coffee shop was over they were pulling a 10 hour shift at Takis.

Neither had eaten all day, because they couldn't afford it. They usually worked long hours at both of their jobs to pay for their shelter, Magnus' small apartment and Simon's van. Those, some clothes and a few possessions were all they had.

After a few more long hours of barely being awake, their shift was over at Java Jones. And then it was off to Takis. The ride to Takis in Simon's van was silent at both men were far too tired to talk. As soon as Magnus landed in the seat he fell dead asleep, and for the fifteen minutes it took to drive to their second job, he was in peace.

Simon regretfully shoved his friend awake. "Mags, I'm sorry but you got to wake up. We've got to clock in. And work"

"No. I can't take this anymore" Magnus whined.

He was burnt out, he'd already clocked in at 40 hours this this week, and it was only Wednesday. But it took so much money to pay for himself. His shitty clothes costed money, so did food. And it seemed like his rent went up every month. He was trapped in the never-ending work-life that he hated. He just wanted to cry.

"I know. Me too but this is our lives now, Mags. We work our asses off and hope that we don't die because of it. And hopefully we get enough money to pay rent and eat" Simon said, giving the worst peptalk ever.

"I hate our lives" Magnus said, je whimpered slightly at the empty feeling in his stomach. But he definitely didn't have enough money on him to buy anything to eat. He had something to eat at his apartment, hopefully.

"So do I but it's ours and we have to suffer through it. Hell, why haven't we found sugar daddies yet?" Simon asked.

"Because no sugar daddy is going to want some shitty omegas with emotion baggage" Magnus replied dully.

"Sadly enough, that's true. Let's go work ourselves to death" Simon replied, and with that they walked into Java Jones.


Alexander Lightwood and Raphael Santiago relaxed in the VIP section of The Pandemonium BDSM club, wishing that they could find someone to actually care for. The subs that threw themselves at the men were desperate for them in all the wrong ways. They wanted someone who needed them, someone they could seriously care for.

But no one new ever came into their lives. No one new ever graced the floors of the Pandemonium and they were getting sick of it. Their days were bleak and Alec was sick of having no one to waste his bank account on. He loved spoiling subs but no one caught his attention anymore. They were all the same and Alec wanted someone that caught his attention in ways no one else could.

"You think anyone new is ever gonna come in here and actually connect with us?" Alec asked his friend.

"Do you think the Mother will forgive all of my sins?" Raphael counted.

"No" Alec answered right away. His friend had definitely broke every single rule that his religion had. It was to the point that Alec couldn't even be sure that it was still considered Raphael's religion.

"Well there's your answer. Plus, since no cute sub will come our way, we'll just have to focus on our important operations. For me, it's the Clan. For you, it's the serval business that you run and own" Raphael replied.

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