Chapter Four

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Last night was an absolute blur. I just remembered waking up next to Zak in his bedroom. I was supposed to be his assistant! I sat up as he continued sleeping and whispered, "Fuck!"

I then realized that I wasn't wearing anything. I threw my legs over and tip toed to my room and slipped on my pajamas. Making coffee for both of us, I decided to walk to the mailbox and grab the mail for him. Returning inside, Billy was calling him, but he left his phone in his kitchen. I picked it up.

"Hello, Zak's assistant, Mandy, here. May I help you?"
"Wow, you take your job seriously! Yeah, uh, tell Zak that he needs to meet us at the museum immediately. It's an emergency."
"Don't worry, I will. Have a good day."
"You too and nice meeting you, Mandy!"
"You too. Bye."

I ran to Zak and jumped on his bed and woke him up.

"What the hell?" he groaned.
"Billy needs you to meet him at the museum immediately. He said it's an emergency."
"Shit, okay. Can you do me a couple favors while I'm out?"
"Of course," I replied.

He had a lot of things he needed to get done. He wanted me to call Bill Chappell and see about a new invention, contact a hotel and book him a room around the twenty fifth of July, and then take Gracie to the vet even when she refuses.

"Don't worry, I got it."
"You're amazing," he says, kissing my check as he finishes getting ready by pulling his shoes over his feet. "Oh and just take any car in my garage!"
"Okay, where are they keys?"
"Next to the door on the hooks!"

He ran out the door and that was it. Gracie sat and started at me.

"Well, girl, today is the day."

Gracie whined and rested in the living room. I had to get started.

Hours Later

I opened the door to the house, watching Gracie run inside as I let go of her leash. I wanted to just fall over and fall asleep, but I couldn't.

Zak was still at the museum and it began to worry me some. I wanted to call, but I sat and waited. Realizing that Zak's dirty dishes were still in the sink, I stood to my feet and began washing them as soon as he came back home.

"Hey, you didn't have to do that," he began, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Well, they shouldn't stay in the sink," I responded.
"How did today go?"
"It went well. Bill said that he's stop by the house in a few days to talk to you about something he made. I booked a hotel room for you like you asked. Gracie is also good and nothing went badly."

He placed his nose in the crease of my neck and shoulder and sighed heavily. Zak didn't want to let go, I knew of it.

"Anything wrong?"
"Just activity at the museum. I had to shut down an exhibit," he whispered.
"I'm sorry."
"It's okay. I'm just glad to be home with you."

He then held me tighter and began kissing my neck gently. Zak told me he would talk to me in a little bit after I finished up, but I was honest with him because I wanted to go to bed already. He kissed my forehead and agreed.

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