Chapter Three

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Zak and I sat in his car while he was shaking for some odd reason. I rested my hand on his and he jumped.

"Sorry, but you're really shaken up. Is everything alright?"
"Yeah, it's just - I didn't realize that I'd automatically have feelings for - never mind."

Was he going to say for me? Shaking his head, he turned the ignition and we drove off. We had fun for hours at casinos, restaurants, his museum, and we even met Criss Angel. The best night I've ever had. When I had offered to pay, he said, "Oh, no, you don't!"

When we returned home, he was very nervous. I decided to stay outside under the moonlight and call Cecelia, my best friend.

"Hey! Spill it!"
"Okay? Spill what? I'm not drinking anything," I told her.
"You are so literal! I mean Zak and the job!"
"Well, we just got home. We celebrated my birthday. He's been weird since I got here."

She didn't say anything.

"Weird how?""
"He almost confessed his feelings for something or someone but stopped before home said what. He paid for everything. It's just, I don't know."
"Maybe Zak has a crush on Mandy!" she squealed.
"We don't know that for sure!"

I then heard the door slide open, watching Gracie running to get her ball.

"Hey, Cecelia, I have to go. I'll chat later," I said immediately hanging up.

Zak sat next to me, letting his gaze go to where my gaze was starring at: the sky.

"It's beautiful," he whispers.
"Yes, it is," I agree.

We were both quiet for a while as Zak then decided to stand and walk away. I then found a bouquet of red roses in my face. It lacked baby's breath, but it was still beautiful.

"Zak," I began.
"Look, I just want to say Happy birthday. I know I've been weird today, but I just didn't realize how beautiful you were, inside and out. Will you go on a date with me?"
"Zak, do you," I began as he interrupts.
"You're going to say no."
"I'm saying yes. I was going to say, do you realize how long I've been waiting for you to ask me that?"

He smiled and kissed my forehead. Excited, he walks inside and shuts the door to only talk to himself saying, "She said yes! You did it, Zak!"

Gracie sat next to me, resting her head in my left knee. She eyed me as if she was saying, "Are you going to be my mom?"

"Maybe, Gracie. Maybe," I told her as she wagged her tail. I stood to my feet and went inside to find Zak dancing by himself. As he spun, he saw me watching which caused him to slip and fall. I ran to him.

"Are you okay, grease lightning?" I laughed.
"I'm okay," he groaned as he looked up at me.

He rose up and then pressed his lips upon mine passionately. We both felt that spark because his hand that was resting behind my neck tensed up. When he separated his lips from mine, it was as if he knew right then that we just confirmed something that we both didn't expect.

"You're my girl," he whispered.
"Always," I responded.

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