my life as an alpha....but now i have to fine a husband...what!

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chap 1

knock knock! come in i say i see blake come in what do you need blake. i have a letter for you i read it uh why do they want me the alpha wolf to have a mate i dont need one! i stand up and jason comes in and says starlight come with me now we have been attacked i run out the door with him and follow him to the edge of are property and see hunter on the ground i asked who did it the midnight bullets.

i stand and tell seth to get me 50 men asap he leaves and i think how can i do this with out reveling who i am if i change to my wolf them i may be found but if i stay human then i wont but i have to do this no i dont seth came back star they left this i read the letter 

      if you dont give us the midnight wolf we will do alot more damage i throw the letter to the ground and say how do they know who it is wait they dont this could be perfect Seth get Zack and drew now he was back with them both its time we go see the midnight bullets i run to there we get there and we enter the building and i looked at the guards i nodded to Seth and drew and they attacked i went to the leader johnny look we dont have the midnight wolf we may be big but i think i would know if there was a wolf like that in my presence he got up and looked at me wow star you look all grown up johnny dont play games with me just leave my pack alone ok fine he says i turn and walk away.

Wait wach out for nicks pack they are looking for the midnight wolf to and i think your next thanks i saw and leave with seth and drew.

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