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" I want us to become official Mina " Lisa said frustratedly as she talk with Mina.

They are waiting for Jennie to come down since she's still fixing herself.

" Then just ask her! " Mina replied annoyingly.

" But it's complicated Mina! "

" Then don't ask her! " she then turn her back from Lisa who is pouting.

" But I really wanted to— I mean.  What I feel for her is more than just being my subject— " she said sadly in a low voice.

" Are you not allowed to have relationship with your "subjects"?" she ask qouting the word subject.

" I don't think so,  it's not appropriate if you come to think of it " she said and sigh.

" Again, "you think" but there are no rules?  So does that mean Chaeyoung and I?— you know? " Lisa glared at Mina after hearing her thoughts.

" I ask for your help Mina,  stop right there "

" Fine,  just chill.  So okay,  you wanted to be official with Jennie?  But you're afraid— "

" Correction!  I am not afraid Mina,  I'm just— " Lisa stopped and think.

" Go on. No one is stopping you " She the smirk.

" It is something else,  I'm not afraid  " she shrugs it off.

" If you say so. To make this short,  if you love her then ask her,  but if you're a coward then don't! " Mina immediately leave Lisa hanging.

" Coward " she mumbled and clench her fist.


" Hey Lisa?  What's the problem? " Jennie ask as she noticed that Lisa is not in the mood.  Though she always have this serious face,  but today is just not normal.

" Do you at least love me? " she ask with her deep thought which made Jennie pause.

As they reach the stoplight,  Lisa look at her.

" I am asking you,  do you at least love me? " she repeated,  gritting her teeth.

" Well yes,  because I ask you to be my girlfriend before right? " Jennie replied clueless.

Lisa then thought of really something stupid,
" Does that mean she love my duplicate?  I mean right? She didn't ask me. She ask that stupid— no.  I mean my duplicate " she's frowning that never get unnoticed by Jennie.

" Is there a problem Lisa? " she ask worriedly as she brush Lisa's hand.

Lisa the step on the gas as the green light appeared and answered Jennie.

" Nothing.  I just want you to be mine officially " she blurted out not thinking about what she said since she's busy hating her duplicate.

Jennie on the other hand felt like melting, she turned red and can't help but smile while looking at Lisa.


They got to their room and seated on their chair.

Lisa went out the room and called for Chaeyoung,  just enough for them to have a small talk.

" Agent,  I'll be gone for today.  I want you to look after Jennie,  just make sure not to leave your eyes on her " she said seriously.

" Yes, Maam,  I will not fail you " she replied and enter the room.

As for Lisa she went to Jennie and talk to her.

" Jen,  I'll  be out for a while— "

" Hey,  what's wrong? " Jennie again ask worriedly.

" Nothing really,  just trust me. Please never leave Mina and Chaeyoungs side for today okay?  I'll  be back soon " she said and smiled sweetly which was witnessed by the class, she then kissed Jennie's forehead and left.


Text Message:

Good Day Agent M,  this is from the engineering. We would like to inform you that your duplicate is having it's progress.  You can visit it anytime to check its upgrade.

Lisa immediately drive her way to their headquarters, still wearing their uniforms. The other agent are looking at her and greeting her.

She immediately went to check her duplicate.

" Good morning Agent M.  Here is it now,  she's doing so well " the engineer said and Lisa nodded.

" Can I try to control it again?  " she ask.

" Of course,  we are just downloading some files but it can do the basics. "

" Leave the both of us here " she commanded and they followed.

Lisa now is looking at her duplicate,  amazed and at the same time irritated.

Moments later she felt a hot liquid flowing from her eyes. She is thinking of Jennie,  and how happy they would be.

She went near her duplicate and face it.  Tracing the face, as if looking at her reflection she punch it real hard.

" You lucky bastard!" she let go all of her anger.

" I should've not used you! " she keeps on punching it though she knew she'll be the one who will get hurt.

She's crying all her frustrations and guilt out when she noticed a small card that fell from her duplicate.

She immediately pick it upd and inserted it in the computer for a review. There revealed her duplicates past memories. Like what happened to it and Jennie,  it is recording everything. She immediately deleted it and put it back to where it is supposed to be.

She examined it and looks like it can be released sooner than expected.

She then went to a machine where she can control her duplicate.

She operated it and try to feel the feeking she never missed.

She's too clouded with anger when she controled her duplicate to hit its own self.

Lisa felt pathetic since she's just ruining her duplicate and hurting herself more.

After feeling the pain she fix herself and act as if nothing happend.  She buzz sonething that allow the engineers to return.

They where taken aback after seeing the duplicates situation. It's still fine yet you can see some scratches.

" There's something wrong with it,  try to examine it more and as I've said. Take your freaking time " she said coldly and exited the room.

She's now walking her way out of the office when someone caught her attention.

Is that the guy who tried to flirt with Jennie?  Bam right?

She then shrug it off and go to her car driving herself back home.


Mr.  Kim informed Lisa that he'll be out of the country for couple of weeks. Just then Lisa prepared everything for tonight.

She's planning something. Something that might change her life,  or something that might ruin her in what she thought her life.


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