pool party~

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slightly dirty content, beware, anyways besides that, enjoy (;

     my bestfriend, lizzy, and i were on our way to a party. our other friend matteus had invited us, saying it was at his friend's house. we arrived at the party and found matteus. he introduced us to the host, who was no e other than the famous, dante albidone. he was cute and shit, but he gave off fuckboy vibes, therefore i wasn't interested.
     lizzy, of course, started fangirling over him. we said hi and introduced ourselves. i dragged lizzy away to the poolside. "lizzy, i really don't like being here." "what do you mean?" "i mean i don't like being here. being here gives me bad vibes idk i just don't really know about dante." "well, just forget it and let's have some fun." "you're right."
     i turned around and right before i could say or do anything, i was picked up and thrown in the pool. i heard another splash beside me and found lizzy in the water alongside me. we looked at each other and then back up to the pool edge. it was dante and matteus. standing there, just laughing at us. "matteus! dante! i stg if you don't get me out of this pool this instant!" just then, they jumped in, dante picking me up and matteus, picking up lizzy.
     dante carried me inside and placed me on the floor. "let's go upstairs and get changed." he held out his hand. i knew what could happen, the possibilities of me beinng raped or murdered were all running through my head, and i might've been over exaggerating but, you never know. so me being the dumb person i am, took his hand and followed him upstairs.
     we got upstairs and dante handed me one of his sweatshirts and some joggers. i accepted them and he grabbed himself some clothes. we both turned around so we were back to back and started changing. i took off my top and my jeans. leaving me in just my underwear. i got that feeling as if someone was staring at me and oh was i right.
     dante was looking at me wide eyed with only his joggers on. i grabbed the sweatshirt to cover my almost bare body and gave him 'the look'. "enjoying the view!?" i blurted out, letting the annoyance in my tone over power the statement. dante moved closer to me until i was backed up against his dresser. "actually, yes i am." he said with a smirk. i rolled my eyes. "perv." i mumbled under my breath, just loud enough for him to hear. he raised an eyebrow at me. "you heard me." i said, sensing that he was trying to act as if he hadn't heard me.
     he picked me up again and threw me onto his bed. i laid there, shocked as he climbed on top of me. i don't know why but i actually liked where this was going. i have a problem, obviously. he looked me in the eyes, as he hovered over me and leaned down to kiss me. my hands slid up behind his neck as i kissed back, hungry for more. he started kissing my neck and found my sensitive spot, sucking on it harder, definitely leaving a hickey. i let out a slight moan and he just chuckled at my response. his hand moved down to my thighs, rubbing the inside, causing me to slip out a much louder moan. i bit my lip to try and contain the noise coming from my mouth.
     dante wrapped a finger on the inside of my waistband when we heard a knock on the door. "y/n? are you okay in there?" it was lizzy. "yeah i'm fine, i just stibbed my toe!" i yelled out. we stood up and quickly got dressed. dante unlocked the door and we both stepped out. before i could walk away, dante grabbed my wrist and turned me to face him. he kissed me once more and whispered in my ear. "we'll have to continue this another day." he winked at me. i giggled at his remark and left with lizzy. at least i'm still a virgin.

a/n: so this is an early post because i have to announce something. i'm leaving to mexico soon and i'll be over there for approximately two weeks so i wanted to apologize in advance because i won't be able to post those two weeks. i really want to enjoy the vacation with my family so i hope you guys understand. i love youu (-:

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