Chapter Thirty Seven

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Annabelle's PoV

"O-Okay'"I whispered as I collapsed back into the ground, all the fight I had left in me gone. "I'll do it".

I heard my parents week protests through their gags but they fell on deaf ears. I couldn't watch one more second of anyone getting hurt because of me, I just couldn't.

I looked into the eyes of Matthew as he grinned down at me "now was that so hard to say?"

I glared at him from my spot on the floor, I have never hated anyone as much as I hate him and coming from me and what I have been through, that's saying something.

"Tsk tsk tsk" Matthew tutted at me sarcastically "is that any way to treat your new mate and Alpha?"

My glare turned into confusion as may brain registered what he had just said. "Alpha? I thought Parker was the Alpha of your pack?"

Matthew shrugged "that sorry excuse of a wolf was not fit to be an Alpha".

I frowned, my confusion only deepening with his explanation. What did he mean by that?

"That little pup had such small dreams when it came to dealing with you. Do you know what he wanted to do?"

He stayed silent for a moment, maybe waiting to see if I would answer his rhetorical question but when I didn't he sighed before carrying on.

"His big plan was to kill you, just kill you and that was it. I mean how small minded is that? It's a good job I challenged him and killed him when I did otherwise this thing between you and me wouldn't be happening right now".

Never did I think that there would be a time that I missed Alpha Parker and his plans. Getting killed sounded so much better than having to reject Jax and live my life mated to this monster.

"Now, we're going to have to start planning the ceremony soon, don't want you getting any ideas and getting away from me now do we". Matthew stated as he started walking towards the door, where my chains were buried into the wall. I knew I wouldn't be seeing my parents any time soon so I managed to whisper a quick I love you both to them in their semi conscious state before I was dragged out of the room by my silver chains in Matthews hands. Sorry Alpha Matthews hands.

I was dragged through the tunnel of the underground cell block, to where I presume I was going back to me cell but when we walked past the door with Sebastian outside I frowned. Where were we going?

My confusion only grew as Alpha Matthew lead me to a set of stairs that lead upstairs. The more steps we took the lighter the corridor got and I felt a moment of happiness at the thought of seeing sunlight again but it was short lived as Alpha Matthew tugged on my chains again, obviously not liking the fact that I had slowed down.

"You will be staying in my house tonight, fully guarded before you get any ideas. If we are to be mated I can't have you looking like... that" he said as he looked back at me, disgust at my appearance clear as day on his face.

I stayed silent, not knowing how to respond. Of course I was a state, that's kind of what happens when you keep someone captive in a room for god knows how long without so much as a shower or even a toilet.

I sighed as we finally made it into the open. Fresh air. I took in as much of it as I could, my lungs feeling as if they were starved of real air, air that didn't smell like damp and blood.

Once I was satisfied with my intake of fresh air I started to take in my surroundings. At first I thought it just looked like any other pack, people were walking around the packs territory getting what they needed done. It was only when you looked closer that you realised that everything wasn't as happy as it appeared.

Everyone that was outside were walking around with their heads down cast, with not so much as a morning greeting passed between two friends. There was no sign of affection between the mates walking around town and even the children weren't laughing and playing.

It was like someone had sucked the life out of everyone living here.

It was then that it dawned on me, these people were as much of a prisoner here as I was. I wonder what happened here?

"When we arrive you are to get strait into my shower and wash that filth off of your skin. I will then send someone in to help you get ready. You are to be ready by 12 o clock where someone will collect you and bring you out to the front of the house where we will perform the ceremony. Do you understand?"

I looked up at Alpha Matthew and took in the fire that was blazing in his eyes, he was not messing around. I gave a subtle nob, not wanting to anger him in anyway before walking the last few steps towards his house.

I don't know what I was expecting when I walked in, maybe some form of dungeon, but what I actually saw surprised me. The space was light and open with the fire place roaring in the centre of the open plan living room and the counters in the kitchen so clean they shone like a second sun.

"I usually have some of the women come in and clean my house but now I have my mate I don't think they'll be needed any more" Matthew said as he quickly dragged my through the house, barely giving me a second to take in my surroundings. "It is your job to make sure this place is cleaned from top to bottom every single day, if you miss something there will be consequences... understood?" Matthew finished his little speech as he rounded on me and looked me strait in the eye.

His eyes unnerved me and so I looked away before nodding my head in understanding again, it was just like being at the Leftens house all over again.

"Good, now when we have company over you are to remain silent and invisible. Unless I call on you you are to stay out of my way understood?" It really was like the Leftens house, well at least I've had years of practise. I nodded my head again, making sure not to anger him.

When Alpha Matthew was satisfying with my compliance we walked through a door that was on the second floor of the building, me trailing behind him with the chains still wrapped tight around my wrists.

"The bathroom is through there" he said as he pointed to a door on the far side of the room "make sure you shower properly, I don't want you embarrassing me by smelling like that during our ceremony".

I could only nod again, not knowing how else to respond.

We stayed in silent for a few moments as Matthew stared at me in an uncomfortable way. "In a few hours time Annabelle you will be my mate" he growled as he stalked towards me.

I cowered back, in fear for what he would do to me, but sighed in relief as he unlocked the silver chains that were wrapped around my wrists. They were blistered and bruised, with blood oozing out of the many welts that had popped but even through all that pain, it was still sweet relief when they were off.

"Get in the shower, you have twenty minutes" were the last words he spoke to me as he stalked out the door, leaving me by myself in this unfamiliar room.

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