Saving Stephenie - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

                My boss, Mr. T, or Harry as we were supposed to call him, had called me earlier than Saturday to start my training on Wednesday instead. I soon learned that Frank my red headed co worker was not only the only other worker besides myself and Harry, but crazy as well. He was a neurotic worry wart who seemed to always be nervous or fussing with something. He got easily overwhelmed very quickly.

                On Thursday afternoon it was closing time just between Harry and i.

                "Do I have to work tomorrow?" I asked him hopefully as we went to the back to grab our stuff before heading out.

                "Definitely not. You are a teenager, Friday and Saturday nights and afternoons you have off unless I really need you. I wouldn't want to take away from your social life," he smiled.

                I knew he was trying to be nice and the best boss ever so I smiled and thanked him. It wasn't that I didn't want Friday and Saturday nights off, but I would rather have them off at home with friends that I actually wanted to spend time with. Instead now I had absolutely no excuse to get out of going to Carrie's party. I knew how much I had already protested and how little it did. The only thing that had made them back off was telling them I might have work. Now that that was out of the window, I knew I'd be going against my own free will.

                High school parties are so cliché. I always have hated them - the idea of them and everything - even when I was back home with my friends in North Dakota; I always hated when they took me to big parties.

                Friday in school was torture. I was already inattentive as it was so class seemed to drag on forever. Derek's attempts to get my attention in Expos class were becoming background noise. The only class I looked forward to all day was my creative writing class. The only reason I liked the class was because poetry was my forte and the only thing that I cared about. Also, the assigned seats weren't too disappointing either. I didn't have to sit next to Trey. He always managed to point out how depressing he thought it was and I always answered with a non committal jerk of my head. Not sitting next to him and have to deal with his constant babble was peaceful.

                As I wrote I got to listen to my iPod and sit there in another world entirely my own with my poetry, much like I did at home. When that class ended I had nothing more to look forward to. Carrie was coming over whether or not I allowed her, so we could get ready for the party together. I knew there was no avoiding it but there was not much more I could do. She would break down my door if she had to. I think she said she was bringing one of the other cheerleaders that sat at our table for lunch. Supposedly her name was Jamie, but I still didn't know which one it was. Carrie, Trey, and Mary were still the only ones I cared about remembering their names and the only ones I was planning on remembering.

                "You're definitely going tonight right?" Trey asked me for the millionth time during gym.

                "My answer hasn't changed," I said in a monotone voice.

                "I just wanted to make sure," he smiled enthusiastically.

                "Carrie's going to make sure I come whether or not she has to knock me out and throw me in the trunk of her car," I sulked.

                "Going where?" Derek rudely interrupted.

                "Nowhere," Trey blurted out childishly.

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