Leah's Escape {2}

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Chapter Two

The look on her face was something no one would be able to forget. She was pained, and hurt. She screamed the names of people she thought she loved, but knew that there was no way she could love them now. Lewis had other things to worry about though, like his sister, his brother, and even his Mother all needed him. They needed him more than she did.

            Things were changing though, and Lewis could feel it in the atmosphere. Things weren't the same, and all of a sudden it was hot. A weird sweaty hot. Suddenly she stopped screaming, and her face became relaxed. She looked directly at Lewis, and winked at him. When he thought he was imagining things, she smiled at him as the cops pulled her away.

            Her voice floated in Lewis' head. "You think you won," She whispered, "I said I was sorry, but I'm not that sorry to let you win."

            That's not how it happened though. Lewis remembered the cops throwing her into the car screaming and begging for forgiveness. Why was this different? Why was Lewis imagining things that didn't happen?

            "You brought this on yourself," Lewis muttered, putting his hand on Alex's shoulder, and looking at the girl in front of him.

            "No," She answered, in an all knowing voice, "You did this to me, this is your fault."

            "No it's not," Lewis shot back, and started to step towards her, but his brother caught him by the shoulder, and when Lewis turned around to look at him, he just shook his head. "It's not your fault," Alex confirmed.

            "Yes it is," She hissed, pulling against the police officers. They restrained her, but Lewis could see the little of struggle that she tried to accomplish. She suddenly frowned at Lewis, and a tear slid down her cheek.

            "Why are you crying," Alex snapped, like he normally said to Tricia when she was younger.

            "You promised," She whispered, the tear falling off her chin.

            "I didn't promise anything to you," Lewis growled.

            Tricia gasped for air in the background, and Lewis and Alex both turned to her. Tricia was crying, but blacked out. Her hair was spread around her, with her head turned to the side. "Tricia," Marie Collins whispered, "Are you alright?" The paramedics took her away before she could even answer her Mother's question.

            When Lewis and Alex turned around, she was standing right in front of them. "You promised," She whispered, her hands were now un-cuffed, and she had them crossed over her chest like she was insecure. Her brown ratty hair was dead on her shoulders, and her dark brown eyes were brimmed with tears. "Well?" She pressed, "Are you ashamed?"

            "I don't know what you're talking about," Lewis yelled, putting his hands on his head, "I don't understand you!"

            "You promised you would keep me safe," She whispered, "You would take care of me, and protect me."

            "That was when I was younger and thought I knew you," Lewis told her, but the tears continued to slide down her face.

            "So it doesn't count?" She asked, her eyes drooping down.

            "No," He answered.

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