Chapter 27

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Rose's pov

Before going down for dinner I calmed myself down and changed my clothes. I really didn't want to go for dinner but I had to. 'Because of the mate bond. Because of the mate bond.' I kept chanting to myself. I kissed him! Why did I do that? I took a deep breath and went to have dinner. As I descended down the stairs I saw that Alexander was already seated at the table. I quietly went over there and sat far away from him at the table. Throughout the dinner I could feel his eyes on me but whenever I looked up I saw him look away. I closed my eyes. Lily and me both were confused. I quietly finished eating my dinner and went upstairs to my room.

Alexander's pov
I kissed her! Oh my god I kissed her. I walked into my room and closed my eyes and remembered the kiss. It was burned in my memory. Her soft lips on mine. The way my hands were wrapped around her waist. The way she was so close to me. The memory burned in the back of my head. I was glad that she pulled back because if she had not I don't think I would have been able to hold back. During dinner I was not able to take my eyes off of her. I laid down on my bed. Day by day I had started noticing how amazing she was. Her kindness, innocence, intelligence, bravery, everything about her was just so unique. I realized I had started getting attracted to her, not only because she was my mate but also because she was such an amazing person. She was like an angel. I closed my eyes and just thinking about her a huge smile appeared on my face. I went to sleep with just one amazing thought in my mind- Rose. I was ready to stay ten feet away from her for the rest of my life if her gorgeous smile is what I get to see and her melodious laughter is what I get to hear everyday. Her name described her beauty inside and out perfectly. My Rose!


I got ready to go to my training as usual. When i was going out of the room I saw rose coming out of hers. My mind was blown at how beautiful she looked. After the kiss it seemed as if I was drawn to her even more. 'Morning!' I said while grinning at her. He said it back but with a little bit less enthusiasm. I usually walk very fast or almost run to the training arena but today I walked slowly at her speed so I could walk by her side. I clutched my hand inside my pockets because I had a strong urge to hold hers. When we reached the training arena we separated our ways and I went to the men's section. I began my regular routine. During lunch again I got to her. Thus time I kept on smiling at her. Even when she was looking at me I did not away. I had promised not to touch her not to not look at her.

When I was in my office I my phone suddenly rang. It was jake. I was surprised because he usually calls me after work hours. During our work hours we are not friends but strictly the alphas of our respective packs and when there is an absolute emergency or some help that is required in one if our packs(which rarely happens) is when we contact each other during the work hours. 'Is everything alright alpha jake?' I asked in concern. We were neighbouring packs and each other's biggest allies and always helped each other out. I was worried that something was wrong with his pack. 'Alpha Alexander, I am coming to meet you today in an hour or so. Don't do anything to welcome me over there. I have to discuss something extremely important.' saying that he cut the phone call. I felt weird and also extremely concerned. What was it that he wanted to discuss so badly? I alerted all my warriors patrolling the borders that he was coming and also to be more alert and prepared than before. I also told Dean to come in my office right away as he has to be present with me as the beta of the pack when jake arrives.

I feel worried a bit, just a bit because over the years I had developed my pack. I had made it safe.

Jake arrived with only one of his warriors. He said he had left his beta behind to look after his pack. He looked extremely concerned as he sat in my office facing me and Dean.

'What is the matter jake?' I asked in a worried tone. 'Alexander, I want to tell you something very important.' he said in an extremely serious tone. 'It is regarding your pack's safety.' I looked at Dean who looked concerned as well and asked directly, 'Is there some bad news jake?' He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said, 'I got to know there is this rogue, a really really dangerous one who is preparing an army to attack your pack Alexander.'  'It's alright jake, I am always well prepared for rogues, you know that. There has not been a single fatal attack for a long time now.' I said. It was true. Beside Jake's pack mine was the safest right now.

'No Alexander, this one is different. He has been preparing his army for a long time now. He is particularly going to target your pack for vengeance.' jake said with a serious look on his face.

I stood up and walked towards the window. The day i dreaded and wished would never come was approaching. I just needed a confirmation. 'What is this rogue's name?' jake said  in a low voice,


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