Chapter 7 - "Something happened to them."

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Maira's POV
I looked over at Lisa and held her hand tight. I just hoped that she got it because she put so much energy into this. The judges looked at Lisa and then over to me. Anxiety overwhelmed as I thought that they recognized me because of my parents but they did not mention them.

"Lisa Schneider?" One of the judges asked. He had a bit of facial hair. His voice was low and I couldn't make an assumption out of what message he was trying to convey. The label in front of his desk said Matt Hastings.

"Yes, that's me." Lisa said. I looked at her and I could tell that she was nervous but was keeping it all together.

"You have got the role! Congrats!" Matt said. Lisa jumped and covered her mouth in shock. She wanted to scream. I could tell it but she kept herself still so she would come over professional.

"Maira Sherwood?" Another man asked. In front of his desk, there was a label with Todd Slavkin. I looked at them in surprise and waited what they wanted to tell me.

"We are fully aware of your situation and we know you did not audition but would you like to take the role as Allison Lightwood?" Todd asked me and I looked in shock at Lisa who was smiling ear to ear. If it was up to her she would have already shouted yes but I wasn't sure what I was going to do...

"Your parents were really talented. We are sure that you are too." He tried to convince me and I sighed. Lisa was nodding and I gave in. For Lisa's happiness, I would. At least like this, we would together.

"Yes, I would love to." I said and Todd smiled. I think the writer of the book series had put a word in for both of us. I had no idea what they had seen in me.

"You both will receive a call when the filming will begin. It will start at the end of this month so make sure that you have got no plans!" Todd explained and both of us nodded.

"Thank you." Lisa said and we walked out of the room. When we were finally backstage, Lisa started to scream. She hugged me tight and for a second I thought she was about to cry.

"I got it!" She shouted happily and I laughed. I was so happy for her because I know how much she has worked for this and finally she had a role that she loved so much. She deserved this. She deserved way more than this.

"I told you!" I said and laughed. Alberto walked over to us and looked at us in surprise.

"I guess she got the role?" Alberto asked and we nodded. I still couldn't believe that they offered me a role as well. Was it due to the fact that my parents were famous actors or did they truly see something good in me?

"Maira got the role of Allison Lightwood." Lisa said and I saw Alberto looking in surprise at me. He did not see that coming. One thing we already had in common.

"Wait, what? But you did not even audition for it." Alberto said and I nodded. Lisa smiled and looked at me.

"I guess they knew that they can't keep two best friends apart from one another." Lisa said and I smiled. Alberto nodded and nervously was breathing in and out.

"It is my turn soon." He said and I looked up. Alberto was an amazing person but also an amazing actor. Sometimes I couldn't tell apart whether he was acting or being serious.

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