126| Faceless

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Call every moment passing, a loss of some faces,
And I've forgotten how you sounded like,
I might be tripping into the void with age,
But it's like you never arrived,
At my door,
You seem uninvited to me, someone I've never met...

**Dramatic supercut of memories**

Candyfloss, and clicking shoes,
Parks, dirty benches and rendezvous,
I don't remember you,

Hide and seek, swings and slides,
Playing in the rain, and I
Seem to have forgotten your eyes,

**Reality hits!**

With every moment passing, I seem to recoil
Into the future and get rid of the gone,
I see your face fading into the whites,
And I tend to not look at my own,
I might see, the girl I used to be,
We were just two kids,
Faceless, playing alone.

"Alone" emphasized to show how even when you're with someone you can feel alone. I don't know what kid feels that... Nevermind.

I don't even care what I'm writing anymore. Haven't written anything since a week. I was going to work on the other book but I didn't. I'm just useless.

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