036| Not so good

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I don't feel so good,
When I pull my hair too hard,
Sitting on the floor,
I take my thoughts too far,

And I whisper constantly,
You're not this weak,
But once in a while, I know,
I'll slip on the creak,

Fall in the waters, I'll drown again,
I know things just wouldn't change,
I'll take a step back or forward some day,
I'll still end up breaking into the same surface,

I'd wish for someone to pull me up,
And take me far out of the mess,
But I know I'd still be trying,
Trying to swim back to the ledge.

I'm just always depressed this time of the year. I always am. I went through my old diary entries from this time last year and they were just as depressing and sad. It's like a disease. I hate it.

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