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(Based on an idea by transformersprimefan)

Diesel is not the most liked engine on the North Western Railway. And most times, he isn't very good at liking the other engines himself. Not even the other diesels.

(Stock footage of him barely smiling at Paxton in Disappearing Diesels is shown.) 

All the same, as devious as he can be and as unfriendly as he is, Diesel wants what all other engines, steamies and diesels alike, want: to be a Really Useful engine. 

One evening, Diesel was taking some empty trucks up to Vicarstown. On his way, he passed the Sodor Museum. 

He had to stop at a signal near there. It was then that he heard alarm bells coming from the museum. It was very noisy and it worried Diesel. 

"I wonder what that noise is," he said. 

Then he saw a man dressed all in black, even over his face and he was carrying a heavy bag over his shoulder. He threw the bag into one of Diesel's empty trucks and then climbed in after it. 

Diesel realized what was happening. 

"I've got a criminal in my truck! He's just stolen valuables from the museum! Well, we'll see about this!" 

Diesel moved as the signal changed as if he hadn't noticed anything. 

But when he had to stop at the next signal to let Fergus pass by, his Driver slipped into the signal box and told the Signalman what had happened. 

Once Diesel oiled away again, the Signalman telephoned the police. 

And when Diesel arrived at Vicarstown's signal junction, the Policemen came up and arrested the criminal. 

"NO!" he cried. 

But he was nicked! 

"You saved the day, Diesel!" said his Driver. 

"You're like one of those masked heroes you see in comic books or on the television!" added his engineer. 

Diesel couldn't have felt more Really Useful than he did at this moment. And it gave him an idea! 

At the Dieselworks, he put his plan into operation. 

(Den and Dart can be seen with Happy Hook and some workmen, working on something for Diesel...) 

The next day, everyone was talking about the museum robbery. 

(Percy and Toby are seen passing each other, talking about it.) 

"According to Fergus, the criminal climbed into a train of empty trucks, and then the engine pulling it took him to the police!" said Nia. 

"I wonder who that engine is," said Thomas. 

Diesel was listening. Anyone would have thought he'd have revealed himself as the engine who stopped the museum thief...but he didn't. If his plan was to work, he would have to stay quiet. 

That evening, a strange square figure was roaming around the Island that night. He kept to the shadows and wasn't using his lamp. He had a strange looking mask made of scrap over his face, with two pointy ears on the top of it. It made the engine look like a big, square bat! 

He was looking out for anyone in trouble or for any dangerous criminal trying to steal from the museum or from the stations. 

Then he heard a groaning noise and went to investigate. 

James was ahead on the line. He had broken down on the main line on his way back to Tidmouth Sheds. 

"How am I going to get back now?" he groaned. 

"No need to fear, silly s- I mean, citizen!" said the masked engine. "I shall rescue you!" 

The engine buffered up behind James and shunted him to the Steamworks. James was very surprised. He had never encountered such a strange engine before. He had a strange mask and wasn't using a lamp to see his way. He remembered making a silly mistake such as this before. But he was too grateful to be rescued to contradict his saviour. 

The next day, James was fixed and was telling everyone at Knapford about the mysterious engine who rescued him. 

"Who was this engine, James?" asked the Fat Controller. 

"I couldn't tell, sir. It was too dark and he wasn't using a lamp," replied James. 

"What?" gasped the Fat Controller. "Right, I need everyone to find out all they can about this mysterious, masked engine! That is an order!" 

Thomas couldn't agree more. As helpful as this masked engine has been, it wasn't safe to go around without a lamp at night. It could cause confusion, delay and an accident! 

That night, Thomas slipped out into the night in search of the masked engine. 

He puffed up and down the lines, hoping to find and stop the engine from causing trouble. 

But there was trouble anyway. 

The masked engine was coming up from the other line. He saw Thomas approaching with his lamp. He didn't realize that Thomas would not see him until too late. 

"Woah! Look out!" 

Thomas couldn't stop in time and neither could the masked engine. 

Luckily, the Signalman changed the points and the engine rolled into a siding but he ran too fast and broke through the buffers and slid off the rails. 

His mask fell off just as Thomas came to see if he was alright. 

"Diesel?!" cried Thomas. 

Diesel felt silly. 

"Yes...I was the masked engine," he groaned. 

"It was you who rescued James?" asked Thomas. 

"And I was the engine who delivered the thief to the police," said Diesel, "I wanted to be as useful as I was that I made up this masked hero stuff to continue doing good on the railway." 

"That's a nice idea, Diesel," said Thomas, "but it's not safe to travel at night without a lamp. You could have caused more damage than good." 

For once, Diesel had to admit Thomas was right. 

By the next morning, all the engines and even the Fat Controller knew that Diesel had saved the museum items and James. And they all praised him. 

"Well done, Diesel, for being a Really Useful Hero, but from now on, please just be Really Useful by being you. You don't need to hide behind a mask to prove you're a Really Useful Diesel!" said the Fat Controller. 

All the engines agreed, especially Diesel. 


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