Chapter 24

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I've seen perfect photoshoots, stunning poses and sparkling covers but there's no better picture of my boys than the one I posted in the media up there. It's officially my favourite (except for the fact that Yixing is absent)

It's 1st July today so I decided to drop a little surprise character in there. Enjoy the chapter!


"So, does he?" I looked down at Yumi who was currently digging in her book bag. It was recess and we had come up to our--well, actually her dormitory, and I had relayed every strange or flirty encounter with Chanyeol that has happened in the last three weeks of school.

"Who?" She asked distractedly.

I rolled my eyes. "Chanyeol. Do you think he's acting weird?" 

She was lying on the floor looking under her bed for her Geography textbook. "I'm getting this odd feeling of deja vu...."

I rummaged in the book shelf, shifting books here and there. "That's because we've had a conversation like this the same time last year. Or several ones like this, in fact."

Yumi stood up on her heels and continued her search in her suitcase. "I don't know, Mirae."

"So, do you think it's normal?" I insisted.

She looked up, her brows shooting up. "You mean when Chanyeol joked about sleeping with you? And you didn't find that strange?"

"Well, that's what I'm saying!!" I said feeling frustrated. "I feel like he's traveled back in time to three years back."

"I don't know." She repeated. "He did kiss you."

I glared at her through the shelf. "I thought we were going to pretend it never happened! And I believe it was you who said this type of stuff happens 'all the time' at parties--"

"First of all, I never suggested forgetting it. And, I said the other stuff because I was afraid you might have a heart failure otherwise."

"Great." I abandoned the book search sinking into her bed. "So, you think he might have actually meant to, you know, kiss me?"

"Maybe." She shrugged "We can't say for sure if he doesn't remember. But if the flirting bothers you, ask him to stop."

"It doesn't bother me like it used to." I mumbled but she heard it clear anyway.

"So..." She started slowly. "You're like it?"

"What! No, I--"

"Hah, found it!" Yumi snatched her book off from the window seat beside Eunmi's bed. "I forgot I had lent her." Then she added seriously, "Just be careful."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"That if Chanyeol actually had--"

"You're afraid I'll 'lead him on' or something stupid like that?" I snorted.

"You're dating Jinyoung." She said simply replacing her recently recovered book in her hand.

"Thanks for reminding me." I retorted sarcastically. "Hold on, you're not afraid of Chanyeol's sake, are you? Are you worried that I might... what? Fall in love with him? Honestly Yumi." I slung my bag on my shoulder as we reached for the door. "We've had this conversation so many times! I don't think I can ever fancy Chanyeol, I love Jinyoung, so--" We both stopped dead in our tracks, just short of the door staring at each other.

"You do?" Yumi asked finally.

"Uh.....I don't know. I guess, I must right? I mean...if... if I said it unconsciously so it must mean something--"

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