Wiping her filthy hands across her skirt, Phoebe sat facing the girl on the other side of the door. Through the large window, it was easy to see that the other girl was facing the side wall like usual. Same height, same features, same body structure- although the girl was unhealthily skinny. The same brown hair and blue-green eyes that spared off into space, although the other girl's were blank and emotionless. Letting out a sigh, she gestured for the guard to a stand a few metres away so she could talk privately, even if the girl wouldn't hear.
Phoebe knocked softly on the strong metal door.
Norah didn't flinch.
She knocked again.

A shoulder twitch.

Phoebe held in her breath.
Norah's head turned slowly.
Phoebe's face lit up, and mentally screamed. We're making progress! She's responding to me!

She took ahold of the appearance of the dirty, bruised, and cut version of herself standing in front of her. It was almost like looking in a mirror.
"Norah? Can you understand what I'm saying?"
The girl stared ahead at her, unresponsive all of a sudden. Norah hadn't said a word since she was admitted, her amnesia being the cause. Norah couldn't even remember her own sister.

Phoebe breathed into the window and placed her finger up to the glass, drawing a heart. Norah blinked in an abnormal fashion, and walked up to the door unsteadily, treading heavy footsteps with her barefeet.

Unexpectly, she slowly traced around the heart and stared through the window right at Phoebe.

Just a single metal door stood between them. Phoebe hadn't seen Norah this close in years.

But yet Phoebe knew that she would never be able to come back. She would never see her sister ever again.

Time until execution of patient: 93 days

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