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" to slowly disappear, lose importance, or become weaker "

a u t h o r ' s   n o t e

And so after a year of publishing Hideaway and two years for Runaway, I am officially back to announce the great news that you will be getting more Stranger Things fanfiction! This is the third story; Fadeaway which takes place in season three.

Obviously, this will be a Mike Wheeler story. I mean, guys, the title says it all! And also, I do not own any of the characters except for Claudia Parker! The rest are all claimed by the Duffer Brothers!

p o i n t s

ONE | I update whatever days I'm not busy, mostly the weekends. I'm still in school guys.

TWO | I won't be following the exact storyline since I'll tweak it here and there considering this is a fanfic story.

THREE | Yes, this is a Mike Wheeler story. It's a story that includes young teenagers! Meaning, no smut will be included in this! (Not like I've written smut for any of my stories) That is just utterly disgusting! I still don't understand why people are sexualising these smol beans!

FOUR | Flashbacks will be in italics, only so I don't confuse you guys considering there are lots of flashbacks and memories you'll be getting in this story!

FIVE | Just a friendly warning that this story will contain violence and strong language, so yeet. oop that yeet was unnecessary sorry lol.

SIX | If you haven't read Runaway and Hideaway, pLEASE DO otherwise you won't understand this book and plus spoilers so oop

s y n o p s i s

"s-stop, please!"

"she's screaming, you know."


"her cries, she's begging for me not to touch you."

"shut up! stop it!"

"you know, i bet this is what you wanted, michael wheeler."

"l-let go of me, help! help!"

"oh no! baby boy, don't cry."


"what a shame you can't have her back..."



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