Chapter 3

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I wore a pink gown, not bothering to check how i looked. I know i look like a mess, but who cares and whatever guest she has, i don't know them.

I sighed walking out of the room, i mobbed to the sitting only to see aunt smiling widely at two men standing in front her.

"Of course! She would love to go now! Cara!" She called beaming, Cara is her only child and daughter, she is a year older than me.

Cara waltz in, her face was heavily stashed with makeup, wow, i'm not surprised.

"And, there's my niece, Tessa, she's just like a daughter to me." She motioned for me to come closer.

Just like a daughter to me my butt.

I walked closer, don't know why but i already hate the two men in front of me.

"Let's sit down."

I sat down on the seat next to Cara, i noticed the side glare she was giving me, she has never liked me.

The rest was a blur, seriously, i wasn't even listening, my mind was on so many different things.

I felt someone eyes on me, looking to the opposite side was one of those men, why was he looking at me? Is there something on my face?

I quickly looked away from him, and then i earned a glare from aunt, what was this all about?

They talked a bit more, besides me was a blushing Cara, i shook my head sighing, let this be over.

It was finally over, and those men left, i went to my room and closed the door behind me, i went to where i placed the pregnancy kit.

I can't believe there's a actual human growing in inside of me, it felt so unreal. My room door suddenly opened, revealing my aunt.

"i need to talk to you." Was the first thing aunt said immediately she entered the room.

"Okay." I replied.

She smiled at me. Weird. "Here, sit down." She motioned for me to sit down on the bed, i sat down and she sat down with me.

Her smile got wider. "I had always knew you'd bring nothing but good luck." She said.

Okay this was really weird, she had always called me bad luck, what was she talking about?

"W-what do you mean?" I asked curiously. "You see those men? The one who came earlier? Well the one who was staring at you, he's interested in you, i told him that you're single." She said, where was she going with this?

"What do you mean by that?" I asked again, trust me, i'm confused. "He's interested in you, and he would love to make you his wife, isn't that great news?" She said, giggling.

Why would he be interested in me? I barely know him and so does he, he barely knows me and he would love to make me his wife? It sounds stupid.

Was she being serious? "Are you- i'm not interested in him." I said and she gave me a really sharp glare.

"I'm doing something great for you right now, you should be grateful, and you're going to get married to him, you have no say in this, you live under me, you are my responsibility." She scolded. Okay, this was insane, she was insane.

"Are you being serious right now? And no, i'm not getting married." I said standing up, she was doing this for money.

She has always been obsessed with money, she could even sell her own child for money.

"Listen to me young lady, you're going to get married to him, if not leave my house! And i assure you, you're going to suffer out there, i'm doing this for your own good." She snarled getting up from the bed.

For my own good? She was doing this for her own benefit, if i have to leave this house, then i would, i'm so not getting married, ever again.

"Yes, i'd leave." I said going to where my things was, why did i even come here in the first place? Because i don't have any place to stay...? "are you kidding me? I told you! You're going to suffer out there!" She shrieked.

What's up with her and screaming? I ignored her, packing my stuff, i knew i'm going to suffer out there, but it's better. Nope, it's not.

Pushing the thought out of my mind, i walked out of the room. "You're so stubborn, just do what i say and your life would be great." She said.

Great? More like hell.

Going out of the house, i didn't glance back, but i could hear her shouting. Where would i go? Why can't my life be normal? I'm with child.

Oh god, could it get anymore worst? Thrashing my hair and arranging it back, i walked off.

After walking for what seems like hours, i got tired. I walked towards the left side of the road, bending down, i cried.

The world sure does hates me. I cried for what seems like hours, well it was hours, i looked at my phone, 7:54pm?? drops of water hit me.

It was going to rain. I looked up at the sky, just then the rain started, i stood up, running to the nearest building.

I tried to enter, but the door was closed, but i'm sure it's not a house, at least it does not look like one.

The door opened revealing two bulky men, i gulped, they look so scary.

"Aye aye young lady, you got a card?" One said, card? What were they talking about? "Card?"

"Oh, it's a beautiful young lady, oh just let her in! Look at the storm coming!" A lady said smiling at me, she looks really nice.

"Please come in, dear." The lady said, taking me by my hand and lead me in.

Inside was so warm, there were lots of people, girls with almost nothing on.

Guys, some scary, some looks really rich, what did i get myself into? I gulped again.

"It's okay dear, loosen yourself, you're fine!" She screamed over the loud music, i managed to nod.

"Come with me." She said. Should i go with her? I mean, i'm still scared standing here alone.

I followed her and we stopped at a place, "i think she'd be great tonight." She told a man, the man wore a suit.

Was she talking about me?

The man surveyed me with his eyes, i felt highly uncomfortable. He smirked. "Yeah, she looks tasty." He said making me gasp.

I looked at the lady. "Oh, don't worry, it's not what you're thinking and oh dear, you look so tired, come i can offer you a room tonight." She said, it felt sincere.

"Okay." I said and trailed behind her. We walked till we reached a room door, "here is it! Go have your bath and relax dear, here is the key." She said handling a bunch of keys and left.

Oh thank god! I opened the door and entered, i locked the door with the key.

The room was really nice and dimmed lighted. Should i have a bath? I mean, i'm really dirty right now.

I went to the bathroom and quickly took a bath and threw on some clothes to where, going out.

I saw a man, well that man of earlier. "Awe, i was expecting you to come out only with a towel."

How did he get in here?

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