Chapter twenty two audtion for wicked

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Good morning guys it John , Gail and i went to dinner last night and poor Gail  her mouth is still burning she can barely even talk so she not going to work today

I'm heading to the school right now to fill in for Gail since she can't speak well she can it's just burn when she does

There my brave wife still in bed , I hope you feel better Gail , well we made ours decision while Gail mouth was on fire

And I can't wait to share it with the kids oh I wish I didn't have to go to work today gail go John I'll be fine here it's starting to heal a little well that great gail it really is

Well here ours dinner date gone wrong

At dinner

Hey Rodney hi Chaplain gail and John can I get you anything to drink Chaplain gail and John

Yes ice tea plz Rodney ok and for you John I'll take Pepsi Rodney ok I'll be back with that

That another of ours Inmate in the jail Rodney Perez he was a good student when I was Gail's aide

Here you ok gail , and your Pepsi is on it's way John , ok thank Rodney
Hurry up with the Pepsi guys on it Rodney

A few minutes later

Sorry about the wait John it's ok Rodney , ready to order you know what we alway get Rodney but I guess me and Gail will try something new this time.

John will have menudo Rodney ok and for you Gail , I'll have the same thing as John Rodney ok

But make mine spicy Rodney ok Gail I'll be back with your order

Gail you told me last time you didn't want menudo well I want to try it this time John

Back to the audition that , Gail turn her head around , John tell if josh isn't looking over here he is Gail aww man he's coming over here

Hello John , Gail ! , josh ! I didn't know you came here gail what it to you josh you left me here on our first date with a check and Rodney sitting next to me so I can get a ride home

You never came back , well josh who are you talking to ?, shut up Whitney, hey Whitney hi Gail hi John

Have we made a decision on the audition yet , nope not yet that why John and I are here Whitney to think

Here your food Gail and John , oh hi ya Whitney Rodney Perez is this really you

Yes it is , I'm leaving Whitney if you want to come no it's find josh you don't care for me you did that to Gail I should know she my best friend she told me the whole story

I'll stay with Gail and John I'm tired of being your slave , good job Whitney applause Gail and John good way to stand up to yours self

Shut up gail no one was even talking to you , here want some chili in your soup Gail

Gail honey , John give me towel !, give me water !, here gail said josh
Not helping josh said John

You want another one Gail said Rodney that would be really great Rodney I'm so sorry about that gail it's ok Whitney

You can stay with us as long as you want

At home

How your mouth Gail ?, said John it's still burning John oh stupid josh !, I know Gail here another towel for you honey. Thank John I'm going to bed me two

Current time

Good afternoon student usually Mrs sayer"s says that well mrs sayers isn't here today why mr sayer her mouth is all sore from last night

Aww poor mrs sayer Anahi finally started liking mr sayer now I hope she get better mr sayer thank Anahi that very sweet of you I'll tell mrs sayer when I get home ok mr sayer

I made her a card when I was in Silva class  mr sayer gabby and I made it huh gabby we sure did Anahi

That sweet girl I'll give it to mom when we get home gabby ok mr sayer

Well anyway sorry I got off task with mrs sayer , well last night when mrs sayer and I were at dinner and we saw mrs Swanson there we have the list  of singer

You will be working with mrs dysart today , so the singer of wicked are

Jordana , gabby and Savannah , you know you can clap , we know mr sayer

Jordana , gabby and Savannah , Ashley , Andrew , Anahi , Matthew , wait mr sayer can I still audition I'm sorry Sasha audition were yesterday with mrs sayer you should of came to class

Does are our singer for the musical go see mrs dysart for more info

Mrs sayer want me to tell you that she gonna do Audition for the acting part tomorrow when she comes back

But she want me to do some today while she isn't here so who want to audition for a role in the play

Can I play the monkey mr sayer said Anahi sure go ahead we have our two star in the room with mrs dysart and our monkey

Anyone else , here your chance Sasha to do something

Aww save by the bell mrs sayer will do the other tomorrow see y'all tomorrow bye mr sayer.

Gabby , Savannah and Anahi congrats on the audition girls thank mr sayer mom will be so proud of me right now mr sayer

Here you're guys script thank Mr sayer and say hi to mrs sayer mr sayer ok I will Anahi

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