"Yeah, a friend .." I chuckled lightly. "That's gone pop your ass if you stroll your giraffe looking-ass in here again without notifying me beforehand."

"Whateva." She grabbed a orange from one of the fruit baskets on the counter.

"How did you get inside?" I questioned as I pulled out a cart of eggs, pack of bacon and some bread.

"Spare key." She answered and began pilling the orange. "I just had to getaway from that psychotic bitch bruh .."

I busted out laughing.

"What you do?"

"What I do!?" She furrowed her brows. "So I'm just always the bad guy in our relationship? This bitch had the audacity to bleach my clothes, wreck most of my cars with a golf pole then tried to burn me alive!?"

"Again, what did you do?" I continued to laugh.

"Wow." She let out a bitter chuckle. "No faith huh? I didn't do anything this time. Some bitch showed up claiming I gave her an std!? Nicki flipped out! I don't even know this girl or ever seen her! .."

"Wow." I shook my head in disappointment. "You'll never learn from your mistakes huh?"

"I so adore how you and Al tried to make it seem
as if I'm the only one that has cause trauma in our relationship .."

"Welp." I'd shrugged. "Your skeletons tend to fall out of the closet loosely. Bey, for the last couple of years yall been at war with one another and with you to blame since you can't keep y-

"Hello! do we not remember Nas? and the pensulin shot? huh? or is that not stuck yall memory?"

"Beyoncé that was years ago."

"That still happen!" She spat back. "She almost had this nigga baby? are you kidding me? Do you even know how much trauma that cause me!?"

"Then seek help! If a drunk incident, that she repented for, is the only excuse you got to justify your countless affairs then why still put up a fight?"

She became mute.

Cyn❤: I want to see you 😩💦
Cyn❤: where are you? 🤔

I mentally rolled my eyes.

Just then, the young lady walked out of my room with her bags in hand. She was now fully-clothed and almost over her hangover.

"Hey!" She smiled.

"Wassup." I licked my lips. "You look good."

"Thank you." She blushed. "I- uh had great time lastnight .. maybe we should do it again some time? hm?"

"Sure thing."

She passed me a card with her information on there and headed towards the door. Bey's eyes wondered to her attire, specifically, her butt with lust fulfilling them.

"Damn." She mumbled.

I popped the back out of her head, laughing as the door closed. She snapped her neck around glaring at me.

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