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Erica's Pov
14 Jul 2017

I got out of the bed and slid on my spandex shorts, rubbing my stomach while yawning

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I got out of the bed and slid on my spandex shorts, rubbing my stomach while yawning. I made my way to the bathroom.

It never dawn on me that another person slept in my bed until I returned to my room. This was one of the reasons why I don't like to drink!

"Yo!" I tapped her foot.

The darkskin beauty stirred in her sleep and pulled the covers up higher to her face. I tapped her again, this time gaining her attention.

"W-What time is it?" She muttered.

"I don't know around twelve." I'd shrugged. "Look, I had a great time lastnight but shortie, I'm going to need you to bounce."

"Gimme my five minutes." She snuggled into the bedding sheets, closing her eyes.

"Five? Girl if you don't ge-" I paused when I noticed an empty box of condoms on the floor. Shaking my head, I laughed more to myself.

No wonder why she so damn tired?

"Take all the time you need." I proceeded out of the room into the kitchen.

When Albee struck gold with an incoming load of drugs from overseas, he rounded up the guys and took us on a night on the town.

I should've known better than expect something other than a club. Strip clubs at that! We had a good time but our outings were becoming more of a predictable routines.

"What to eat?" I thought to myself, searching through the fridge. "I think I'll se-

"What we eating?"

Her voice startled me and I jumped back, hitting the cabinet behind me. Beyoncé popped up from the couch laughing at my gestures.

"Scary ass." She mumbled.

"Nigga, what I tell you about popping up at my house unannounce and shit!?" I scoffed.

"Calm down." She jumped over the couch and made her way inside of the kitchen. "I needed a place to lay my head."

"That's what you got hotels for!" I retorted.

"Now what good would that do?" She took a deep breath then exhale with a smile on her face. "When I got a friend that lives in a comfortable penthouse all by herself .."

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