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Clarke feels her heart shatter.. she hasn't been with anyone since highschool, since him. And he had a whole girlfriend.. and god knows how many other girls he's been with.

Clarke: "Oh. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean too.. " she says as she jumps to her feet and walks out the room.

Bellamy catches her arm stopping her.

Bellamy: "You don't have to tell her. Just let me come around more, let her get to know me. Then we can tell her who I am." He says, hoping she will let him be in his daughters life.

Clarke: "Alright. Did you want to spend some time with her tomorrow? I have to work till 6pm, wanna get dinner with her?" She asks and he nods with a huge smile

How did they go from kissing like they were eachothers oxygen to friends, in the matter of a minute..

Bellamy leaves before Haven wakes up. Clarke offered to drive him, but he said he wanted to walk. He didn't live far from her anyway, so she let him go.


Clarke wakes up to Haven giggling and playing with her hair, it was Saturday. It has been two weeks since Bellamy has started seeing Haven more. He eats dinner with her and Clarke every other night. Tonight was the night they were telling Haven, that Bellamy was her father.

Clarke: "Want to go out for breakfast?" She asks.

Haven: "Are we still having dinner with bellamy?" She asks excited.

Clarke: "Yes, if that's okay." She smiles

Haven: "Yes." She smiles big. "I like him a lot." She says.

Clarke picks up Haven off the bed. And they take a shower together then she gets dressed, then she dresses Haven. Haven plays with some toys while Clarke does her hair and makeup. Then she does Haven's hair.

They get to the diner where she worked. Clarke gets eggs, bacon, hash browns, and a coffee. Haven gets pancakes and chocolate milk. They're half way done, when Haven yells.

Haven: "Bellamy!" She says excited.

Clarke turns her head to see Bellamy had walked into the diner, with a tall long brown haired girl, must be his girlfriend. Haven had junped from her seat and ran to him, he crouched down so he could give her a hug. Haven grabs his hand pulling him into the booth with her.

Clarke slides in so his girlfriend can sit down.

Bellamy: "What are you up too?" He asks Haven.

Haven: "Eating breakfast with mommy!" She smiles.

Bellamy: "Sounds fun. Can we join you?" He says looking to Clarke, as Haven smiles big nodding.

Clarke: "I don't see why not." She smiles. "Hello, I'm Clarke." She smiles extending a hand to his girlfriend.

Echo: "Nice to meet you, I'm Echo." She smiles, shaking her hand.

They all sit and eat breakfast today, it's pretty quiet, a little awkward. Mainly only Haven and Bellamy talk. It's 11am when they all finally leave, and Clarke feels like she can breath again. She didn't plan on meeting his girlfriend today, or ever..

Clarke and Haven head home, they walked to the dinner so they start to walk home.

Haven: "I like Bellamy. Can he be my daddy?" She asks, holding her moms hand.

Clarke: "You'll have to ask him sweety." She says with a smile.

"Clarke? Clarke Griffin?" Someone calls.

Clarke turns around only to see.. "Murphy?" She says as he walks up to her.

Murphy: "You're back?" He says looking at Haven. "Who's this one?" He says

Clarke: "This is Haven. My daughter." She smiles.

Murphy: "Wow. 3 years later. You're back with a kid. Why'd you leave?" He asks, they've started walking now.

Clarke: "I needed a fresh start. To clear my head I guess." She says

Murphy: "And you met someone and had her?" He asks.

Clarke: "Not exactly." She says looking down, then she mouths Bellmay to him.

Murphy: "Oh wow. Does he know?" He asks.

Clarke: "Yeah." She says. "Hey, well this is my street." She motions to the street ahead.

Murphy: "Yeah. Have a good day." He says before walking away.

Wow.. When did Murphy get so... nice? He was always a jerk to me.. then Murphy pulls her out of her thoughs.

Murphy: "Hey, would you maybe want to have dinner sometime? Catch up. Talk?" He ask.

Clarke: "Like a date?" She asks confused.

Murphy: "Sure, if that's okay." He says

Clarke: "Yeah. Okay." She smiles and takes out her phone.

Murphy: "Tomorrow? 8pm?" He asks and she nods.

They exchange phone numbers then Clarke and Haven got home. Clarke made Haven a little snack, since she had a late dinner. She ate and watched cartoons while Clarke got some studying in.

Suddenly it was 5pm. Clarke peaked over from the table to see Haven asleep on the couch. She loved her sleep. She was a wild child. So she was always tiring herself out.

Clarke gets up and decides to make spaghetti for dinner. She cooks the meat, and heats the sauce. Started the noodles when there was a knock on door. She already knew it had to be Bellamy.

Clarke: "Hi. Come in." She says as she opens the door for him.

Bellamy: "Aw. She's asleep." He says with a smile.

Clarke: "Yeah. You can wake her now if you want." She says walking to the kitchen, and he nods making his way to his sleeping daughter. "Oh, by the way, could you watch her tomorrow night?" She asks.

Bellamy: "Yeah, why?" He asks.

Clarke: "I may kind of have a date." She says.

She suddenly feels bellamy walk towards her. Feeling his presence near her.

Bellamy: "With who?" He asks.

Clarke: "You have a girlfriend. Why does it matter?" She says.

Bellamy: "Do I know him?" He asks.

Clarke: "Yes.. it's. Murphy." She says.

Bellamy: "Really?? My highschool bestfriend. Did you go to him?" He asks.

Clarke: "No. We ran into eachother walking home from the diner. He asked if I'd do dinner with him." She says

Bellamy: "You're not going out with him." He says.

Clarke: "Like hell I am. You don't control me. I'll have my mom watch Haven." She says.

Bellamy: "He just wants to sleep with you." He says, clarke looks up. "It's all he's ever wanted." He adds.

Clarke: "Good. It's been awhile anyway." She says turning to stir the noodles.

Bellamy: "Clarke.." he says sounding broken.

Clarke: "No!" She snaps. "You don't get to do that! You don't get to say my name like that anymore! I am not your girlfriend, anymore. Stop acting like you control me. If I want to have sex with Murphy, then I'm going to do it! Why the hell is it any of your business anyway!? While I was raising our daughter you were out sleeping with-" she gets cut off.

Bellamy: "So help me Clarke, I still love you!" He yell back, catching her off guard. "I've never stopped." He says much softer. "Echo and I have been together a month Clarke.. before that there wasn't anyone.. there was the army for 2 years. And me trying to get in touch with you." He says grabbing her hand.

Clarke: "We will talk after Haven goes to bed." She says stroking her thumb on his hand. "Please wake her, Dinner is done." She finishes. Letting his hand go, turning and draining the noodles.

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