dainty lil' thang

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[warning ; smut]
Jimin napped for the rest of the night, he slept in the same clothes he came home with and suddenly woke up to a tapping on his window.

Jimin squeaked, covering himself with the blanket, remembering the window was left slight opened, he looks over, scared.

He sees a figure there but cannot make it up, he frowns, scared and sleepy, he reached over to the gun at the side of his bed as the tapping continues. He then sits up and points the gun at the window. "who is it and what the hell do you want?"

He then heard a familiar chuckle, "It's just me, Namjoon."

Jimin sighed in relief as he got up and  pulled the window up for the boy, avoiding the tape. "hey." He said softly as Namjoon smiled. "Hey."

Jimin frowned. "What?"

Namjoon scoffed, "You cannot be that mad."

"I am." Jimin admitted softly. "I want you for myself. I don't want to be a side boy. Or a boytoy." He said, then scoffing at how greedy he sounded.

Namjoon sighed, "can I come in?"

Jimin nodded, moving out of the way as Namjoon climed in the big room. Jimin stared up at him with a pout as Namjoon groaned, cupping his cheeks. "Stop it."

Jimins pout became even more poutier if possible. "Stop what?"

"Stop being cute." Namjoon complained, "I'll have to kiss it away."

Jimin blushed softly, pouting harder and furrowing his eyebrow as Namjoon chuckled, lifting his chin. "You want to be kissed, don't you?"

Jimin bit his lip. "Yes. But not from a straight boy."

Namjoon sighed, cupping Jimins cheeks. "Stop bringing that up, okay? It's uncomfortable."

Jimin nodded, looking down lookin' like a scolded puppy as Namjoon chuckled, kissing his lips softly. "Don't worry 'bout it. Okay?"

"How can't I?"

"Look, you..I wish you were a girl jeez. I want you to be my girlfriend..but as a boy."

"Boyfriend." Jimin retort. "You have a girlfriend though."

Namjoon sighed, nodding. "We'll figure it out."

Jimin smiled softly, "Lets.. just ignore that, okay? This tension is crazy."

Namjoon nodded and gently laid Jimin down on his bed, kissing his neck. "I'm sorry for earlier, pretty."

Jimin giggled. "I'm just sensitive."

Namjoon smiled, kissing Jimin on his plump lips as the younger wraps his legs around the olders waist.

They kissed eachother gently, lips smothering eachother as their saliva entered eachothers mouths. Just a gross basic normal teen makeout,

Jimin moaned softly as Namjoon scrolled down and kissed his neck. "Can we..?" Namjoon asked softly.

Jimin bit his lip, "My parents are home." he squeaked.

"Can you be quiet? While we do it" Namjoon asked softly, Jimin panted lightly, "I'm not sure if I can.. i-i've never done this-"

"Never had sex? Woah- really?"

"Yeah..i-i'm a virgin."

"Ever played with yourself?"

"Only ever known to take cold baths."

Namjoon smirked, he hummed, "Do you have lubricant?"

"No..unless you mean an oil. In that case, I have a body oil in my drawer. It-it's for baby skin. So it should work.."

Namjoon nodded, humming as he got up slowly, the bed creaking at the lost of his weight, he walked torwards the drawer as Jimin bit his lip. He came back with a small bottle.

He smiled, he was about to take Jimins virginity and couldn't help but feel mighty. He was about to wreck him so good.

Namjoon set the lube to Jimins side as the younger laid on his bed, The eldest smiled and put his fingers around his shorts strap line. Jimin took a deep breath and nodded as the older boy pulled his shorts down, leaving him in his boxers.

Namjoon smiled, grabbing Jimins boxers as the boy shuttered, shaking his head. "Sh-show me yours first."

Namjoon snickered, nodding as he pulled down his sweatpants and boxer briefs with no hesitation, revealing his cock. Jimin squeaked, "I-it's too big."

Namjoon smiled as he pulled Jimins boxers down, revealing a shorter but average sized penis. small, pink and cute.

Namjoon smirked, grabbing the lube bottle as he drapes his veiny cock with it, Jimin blushing softly as the older male puts some on his fingers and rubs it on Jimins pink rim. Jimin whined, moaning loudly, Namjoon, in a panic, covers his mouth. "wow, sensitive everywhere."

He plays with Jimins small hold, thrusting his fingers into the small heat, scissoring, adding fingers, removing until he felt Jimin whine. "I-I want it."

Namjoon bit his lip, chuckling, "Okay, dollie. it'll hurt a bit." He said, thrusting his tip inside as he felt Jimin clench around him. Jimin moaned softly, and was embraced into a love-filled kiss from the older boy.



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