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I have had a strange fascination with Oxi Clean. It began in 2000 just before I moved out of my mom's house to move into a local trailer park. I had seen a series of commercials with a burly bearded man in a blue shirt hawking the cleaner along with its sister products, Orange Clean, Orange Glo and Kaboom. When I saw it was available to buy in stores, I began buying these products once I had moved into the mobile home.

One day, I sent my aunt an e-mail asking her if she was familiar with these products. The next time I saw her, she asked me what was this fascination with "his orange stuff"? It took me a minute to realize she meant Oxi Clean, Orange Glo and Orange Clean.

After sometime the fascination had kind of worn off, but who knew if it would ever come back again soon. Or when, for that matter.

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