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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Kamrynn I swear to god if you say one more thing" My daddy said as he ate his chicken. I got a mean ass attitude right now cause im on punishment

Ian never been on punishment before, so this shit eating me alive. I can't go nowhere or nobody can come over here

A bitch feel like a damn slave.

"okay I don't care, you really doing to much"

"you still talking" yeah


"that's what I thought, you talk to much. Your mouth big, and it don't take all that" fuck it

"Stop talking to me, stop talking to me. I don't care, I really don't" he looked at me and got up

"go upstairs and find me a belt" I mugged him cause who the fuck — bye

"why would I go pick out a belt just so you can beat me?" I laughed cause he a clown "I'll be a fool for setting myself up"

"you already acting like one cause you sittting here talking crazy. Go and you got ten seconds"

Ten seconds? Nigga must think I'm flash or something

I got up and slowly made my way upstairs to his room. Going in his closet I looked around for a belt, and seen a small one

It was a cheap lil Walmart belt from when he needed he didn't have one so he had to get it from Walmart. This shit better not hurt

All his other belts got diamonds and rhinestones on them .. all except one

I went back downstairs and gave him the belt and he scrunched his face up

"this what you want yo' ass whooped with?" I nodded, he not hitting me with no belt with diamonds on it that's worth a million dollars

hell no

"first off I just wanna say I'm grown, and yo —" he interrupted me by hitting me over and over again

"OKAY" I yelled moving away from him

"you want me to stop, but you won't quit having a smart mouth. Ion get it"

"cause that shit — I mean junk hurt" he pointed to the stairs

"ion wanna see you for the rest of the night" he said, I made my way upstairs and picked out some clothes so I could get in the bed

I got in the shower and got out before putting my clothes on.

"finally" I said getting in the bed and plugging my phone up. I sat it face down on my nightstand that was beside my bed

I turned the tv on and laid down. It gotta be some type of noise and light in my room in order for me to go to sleep

"please" I begged.. it's the next day of course and I'm begging my daddy to let me get my car

"no, you can't go nowhere cause you on punishment. What you gone do sit in the garage and act like you driving somewhere?" he started laughing

shit not even funny

"for real" I looked at him

"No" I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes

"you tripping" I swear I thought I said that I'm my head

"who you talking to?"

"the wall"

"oh aight, I thought you was talking to me" I am

"I'm 16, and I'm on punishment?" I questioned, he looked at me

"Yeah, I know you think you grown but you not. You a minor, you can't even get in the club. You can't buy the weed you smoke" I chuckled

"Ian ask for allat', so when I get off house arrest?"

"it depend on how you act"

well bitch I guess it's time for me to put my acting skills on

"I just feel like you taking the situation to a whole 'nother level" I told him and he just shook his head not making eye contact

"you think ima let you talk back to me?" He looked at me we a serious look "really, I need you to answer that. Do you really think that?"

"Obviously no, but you just doing to much"

"anything you say or do can be held against you" I scrunched my face up

"Is you the feds, you twelve?"

"get out my face" I rolled my eyes before leaving out his room and going into mine. I laid on the bed and started thinking

Ian talk to Kash in 2 days and I miss her annoying ass. I am still mad at the fact her ex called her phone, but it's not extreme

She still blocked and she gone stay blocked til I feel like communicating. I still feel like she doing some fuck shit with other hoes behind my back

If I can't be the main bitch then ion wanna be the bitch at all. Who the fuck wanna be the corn on the side?

females love being the lil side bitch. Nah fuck that!

Or am I doing to much?

What if she not doing nothing?

Am I over reacting?

I'm not saying I don't trust her because I do it's just my intuition never lie..

I got a gut feeling but maybe I'm tripping..

Even though I trust her I do still suffer from a trusting disorder

I blame my momma for that, I really thought my momma was my best friend ..

I put all my trust in her, and I told her everything. For her to stab me in the back just to be with her unimportant ass nigga is SAD


No matter what happen



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