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"Stewart!" I heard a girl yell, right before seeing a flash of pink rushed towards him. I rolled onto my back, still out of breath and nauseatingly dizzy. "What happened! Are you hurt?" I heard V say. 

"Nah,' Stewart answered, groaning as he sat up. "Rose, you okay?"

I simply lifted my arm to give him a thumbs up. I could make out curious onlookers glancing down at me, but I made no move to stand up. 

"What happened," V said again, this time her words were as sharp as knives. I didn't have to look up to know she was talking to me. I just didn't have the strength to reply.

"V, it's okay. We're fine."

"Like hell it's okay. What. Happened."

"ACU agents," Stewart replied, sending a wave of gasps through the onlookers. "If it wasn't for Rose we would be on our way to a prison cell right now." 

"What?" V said, her voice now slightly less dangerous. 

"I'll explain everything, for now, all you guys need to know is that they didn't see where we went. They still have no idea about this place, so you are all safe and have nothing to worry about." He was speaking to the crowd now, who seemed to be less scared, but not entirely satisfied. Nevertheless, they slowly started to disperse. 

I heard a door burst open and footsteps barreled down towards us, I turned my head to see Griffin and Ben running at full speed. 

"What happened?' Ben demanded, giving me a look that said he thought whatever it was must be my fault. 

"I'll explain later, can someone just go get Rose a glass of water, please.' I wanted to object, but my throat was so dry I knew I needed that glass. Griffin jabbed Ben in the ribs with her elbow and he begrudgingly stalked over to the kitchen. Stewart scooted over to me, giving me a reassuring smile, V held onto his shoulder but refused to look me in the eyes.

"Are you okay?" Griffin asked, kneeling down on my other side. 

"Just peachy," I said, my voice slightly shaky. 'Could you help me up, please." 

Without hesitation, Griffin and Stewart took hold of my hands and slowly pulled me up to a sitting position. The world still spun and a headache began to pulse through my skull, but it seemed to be getting better. Ben soon reappeared and angrily handed me the glass of water, almost spilling its contents all over me. I thanked him and chugged it down in one gulp. 

Slowly, with the help of Griffin and Stewart, I managed to get to my feet and follow everyone towards the meeting room from last night. We had just sat down when Finn and Sarah burst through the door. Finn was as pale as a sheet and covered in sweat. He gave a deep sigh of relief when he saw us. When they had each calmed down and taken a seat at the table, Stewart cleared his throat. 

"Where's Axel?" He asked, looking at one of the empty chairs.

"Said he was going for a walk, he'll probably be back later tonight," V answered. "So what happened?"

"Right, well, I think we need to make a few more rules for scouting trips." He said with a smile, much to everyone's annoyance. 

"You would be on fire and still be cracking jokes," V said, rolling her eyes. 

"It'll definitely lighten the mood." He grinned and everyone around the table groaned. 

"What happened, Stewart?" V asked again and finally, he seemed ready to talk. He told them what had happened. How we had almost been done handing out supplies when we had reached that man. He told them how I had sensed something wasn't right and had gotten us out of there just in time. I looked down at the table when he explained how I had gotten the guy to look right at us, but not be able to see us. 

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