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~ Part 2 | Section 8 ~

I remember when I used to love romance novels. They were usually the only books I would ever read. They had to be gay, of course.

The older I got, the more I strayed away from those types of books because it wasn't healthy for me to fantasize about being in love when I didn't even believe in it.

After a while, it just felt like I was forcing myself to believe in love and that took away all the joy in the books I read.

I will never read a romance novel again.

That's what I remembered telling myself but there I was, reading a novel about true love. The novella that girl recommended to me, "Adan and Eden."

In the span of six days, I finished the book and re-read it. I could quote that damn book, probably could star in the movie if they were to make one. That book became one of my favorites and it made me believe in love...just a bit.

That's why I hated it but the story was so good that I couldn't stay away. It was a love-hate relationship between that book and me.

Besides me reading, in the span of those six days, Gael snagged himself a new girl. I don't know if they were dating or just hooking up but she was most certainly around a lot. She was over my house every day since we got back from my grandma's house.

The first morning she came, she was at the door with a cute little basket filled with muffins.

She knocked three times at the door and I was the one to answer.

"Hello, is Gael here?"


She smiled. Her cheeks turned a bit red as she held out the basket of muffins. "I brought these for him and you and your father. I brought them for everyone that stays here!"

I looked down at the muffins. They looked good but I didn't know the girl and she was being weird and it made me a bit uneasy. "No," I said simply.

She was confused. It was in the way she crinkled her face and the way she slightly turned her head to the side.


"We don't want your muffins. I don't trust them and I wouldn't want anyone here to be poisoned."

"I can assure you that the muffins are not poisoned. Gael knows me! I'm Ally. He knows that I would never."

"Too bad I'm not Gael because I don't trust them."


"Have a good day."

I closed the door in her face and went into the kitchen as if nothing happened. When they asked, I just told them it was an annoying lady trying to sell some useless trinket. They either believed me or just didn't care.

Until they heard the knocking return. I growled out of annoyance and that's when Gael decided to get up to go open the door and when he returned back to the kitchen guess who was with him?

I let her have my seat because I was not going to sit in there if she was joining us. Not because I hated her but because I was so rude to her and honestly hoping to never see her again and I actually kind of felt bad but I was too stubborn to admit it at that time.

I did apologize to her later that night before she left and yes, she stayed over from morning to night and that continued for the two days after. She would enter with her goodies, get invited in for breakfast and stay the day. I would hear her outside with Gael and Aaliyah playing around or she would be in the living room with Gael and my father watching sports on the T.V.

Wherever he went, she went. Everyone got attached to her quite quickly but I continued to keep my distance. She was nice and I was nice to her when spoken to.

Honestly, I kind of felt bad for her. She didn't know what she was getting into with Gael. He was just the broken boy, who used people to fill a space that Selena left. If she came back, then Ally would be left to pick up the pieces he made.

I knew what it was like.

In just a week, my father was starting to treat her like she was his daughter in law or something. It was actually kind of weird seeing my father so nice to a person. In all the years I was living, I didn't think he was ever that nice to me. If he was, I didn't remember.


It was a Monday morning and business at work was slow. So slow that I was pretty much on my phone the whole shift. I cleaned what needed to be cleaned, straightened out the aisles and made the items on the shelves presentable.

Once my manager left, I just killed time with social media.

When I got home, it was noon but the evening was approaching pretty fast. I was home alone for a while until Aaliyah came, and then Gael came with Ally and then came my father.

No one felt like cooking dinner so Chinese food was bought. I was in my room when it was delivered. I really did not want to go into the living room to get it. I tried to get Aaliyah to bring me some up but she wouldn't budge.

"C'mon, Aaliyah!" I begged from the comfort of my bed.

"Milo, no. I want you to come downstairs with the rest of us."

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "And why is that?"

A smile crept up onto her face.

"Oh no. You know what, I don't want to hear it."

Aaliyah's shoulders dropped and she started to pout as she waddled over to my bed with heavy shoulders. "Milo, please! I'm trying to do something fun. To bring us all together. Just please come down."

I got up from my bed. "You owe me," I said as I walked passed her.

I could already imagine the smile on her little face. I just didn't want to turn around and see it at that moment.

When Aaliyah and I got downstairs, I heard my father's laughter echo across the house. It sounded like Ally said or done something stupid because I heard Gael...Gai, teasing her.

Once I entered, things got silent until Aaliyah entered with the sound of her voice.

"So now that I got you all here, I have an idea for tomorrow night." She paused for a moment. I don't know if she wanted someone to say something but we all were waiting for her. "How does a family night sound? With karaoke, games, snacks, and friends of course! Ally you can come, I'll invite Cindy and Milo you can, uh."

I smiled. "I can invite Juwany."

"Yeah, so..."

Aaliyah kept talking and I just smiled at the thought of bringing Juwany over to meet everyone. Maybe Aaliyah's idea was good for once. Maybe I can actually have some fun.

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