Big Decisions, Even Bigger Consequences

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As though my thoughts had summoned someone, I suddenly heard the door to the greenhouse open and a few seconds later Griffin stepped through the path and into the little clearing, Goat followed close behind. She seemed a little surprised to see me, her widened eyes a big give away, but she recovered quickly. 

"Good morning." She said, her voice still heavy with sleep. She was wearing a fuzzy blue robe and pink bunny slippers, brightly colored, mismatched socks visible from under the gown. She was clutching a white mug in her hands, holding onto to it for dear life. I assumed it was probably coffee. Honestly, I could relate.

"Morning." I said back, unable to hide a smile. 

"Early riser too?" She asked, taking a seat in the chair across from me. Goat sniffed around before trotting over to our table, he came towards me and I couldn't help but get excited. I scratched behind his ear and smiled as he leaned into hit. I realized this was the first time I was actually petting a dog. A revelation that brightened my mood almost instantly. 

"Yeah," I replied, my attention still on Goat. "You too?"

"Unfortunately." She answered, annoyance clear in her voice. "I've never really been able to sleep in. As soon as the sun starts to rise, I'm up."

"It might be related to your powers."

"It's ridiculous and cruel." She grunted, taking another big sip from her mug. 

"Fair enough." I said, giving Goat one last scratch behind he turned around and rushed into the bushes behind us. I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. 

"What are your plans for today?" An innocent question, but the underlying intentions were as clear as the sun now rising above us. 

"Not sure yet." I answered, she simply nodded, taking another sip of coffee. Thoughts suddenly began to speed through my mind, questions upon questions. I looked up at her, contemplating whether or not I should bother her with my curiosity. In the end, I couldn't help myself. "Can I ask you something?" 

"Of course. I'm sure there's still a lot you're uncertain about. Especially since last night ended so...sudden." She said, placing her now empty mug on the little table. 

"Yeah," I said, V's look of pure distaste and anger flashed through my mind. "I was just curious about how all of this started. Stewart mentioned a guy named Marcus, he was the leader right?"

"Sort of. I mean he was the main guy people went to, but we all made decisions together. It had always worked a lot better that way." Sadness crept into her eyes and I realized the wound of losing such an important part of their team was still very fresh. "But, he was the one who first started our little group."

"How?" I simply asked, my mind not able to figure out how someone would be able to build something like this. 

"Well, he was dropped off at an orphanage when he was five, apparently his parents didn't appreciate having a Freak in the family." She said, anger basically dripping from her lips. It was hard for me to hide my wince at the word Freak, as it had been used a derogatory way of calling us for a very long time. "As luck would have it, though, that is where he met Stewart. They were basically inseparable from the first day they met." I couldn't help but widen my eyes at the news. Stewart grew up in an orphanage? He definitely didn't give anything about his difficult past away with his light-hearted demeanor. 

"The orphanage was specifically for unwanted Abnormals, so, as you can image, it was quite full." Griffin continued. "They did try really hard to keep themselves afloat, but government funding was basically nonexistent so they were finally forced to close their doors. All the kids were to be sent to other orphanages or Homes, but Marcus and Stewart managed to run away before then. Marcus was 14 an Stewart 13, so they figured their chances were better on the streets than in a home. This is basically where it began. As they grew up they made a stronger and stronger connection with other abnormals, people just like them. Hungry and scared of what the day might bring." A glint in my eye told me this was around the time she met them as well. 

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