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I woke up in the same bed I did last time. If only I had someone to wake up next to. Someone who could hold me in my darkest moments. Someone who I loved. I fell back to sleep. Then woke up again.
?: hey sleepy head.
The whole world stopped. Then I heard a voice. It was the god.
K: Jayden this is Tommy. He is your wish. He is loyal and is 18. You are 5 ft and he is 6 ft 5
The world started again.
I sat on his legs facing him.
J: hey
T: your so beautiful I just love you so much.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held my waist and we Made out. Our tongues fighting for dominance.
I finally let go.
J: I need to get ready then buy some food for this place.
T: baby don't be silly we have food.
J: okay let's just stay here.
T: yeah.
We started making out again. Our tongues once again fighting for dominance. He won of course. His tongue swirling around in my mouth felt nice.i pulled away and layed between his legs my face facing the tv. J: im tired
T: go to sleep then.
Them words echoed in my head as my vision faded and I blacked out. I woke up. But I wasn't in the bed. I wasn't with Tommy. Where was I? I was strapped down to a table with something shoved in my vagina. Had I been raped. I don't want sex right now. I don't give consent.
J: I don't want sex! I don't give consent!!
I felt someone play with my vagina. Oh crap. I'm naked.
I tried to shut my legs but they were chained up. I couldn't move my arms they were chained up. Someone climbed on top of me and started humping me.it was revolting .
J: HELP!!!!
?: no one can hear you sweetie pie. I'm the devil.
Someone burst through the door.
K: give her back!
I heard a clink of a sword.
D: put it down or I drop her into lava. The table moved from under me and I was dangling by my arms and legs.
J: HELP!!!* screaming *
Tommy whispered in my ear.
T: just imagine you aren't here.
I imagined that I was back at the forest. Poof. 
The king was in my room.
J: where's tommy??
K: he sacrificed himself for you.
K: it's ok. Here you have everything.
J: I think I am bisexual.
K: it's fine you can imagine doing same gender sex and it will happen.
J: bye.
I imagined being in a dim lit room. And I was strapped to a chair. There was a woman. Older than me. Maybe in her mid 20's.
?: ready to have fun baby girl.
J: yes.
?: I said are you ready to have fun.
J: yes mami.
?: that's good baby girl.
She started undressing me. She took my top off. Took my skirt off. Then she took her clothes off. We were now both naked. She sat on me so we were face to face. Then she slowly started humping me. The pounding sensation on my Pussy made me horny. She started going quicker.

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