The Necklace.

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The Necklace.  Amarose.  "Calm down Allis," I told myself as I sat in my mom's car, nervously on my way to my boyfriend- Luke's house. He had said earlier in school he wanted to give me something, I couldn't think what. He had said it was very special and it would reveal my true feelings for him, even though I was pretty sure I had made it clear how much I really loved him. Sometimes however, he did seem worried that I wasn't happy with him, this caused a few arguments but they all sorted themselves out.  Every second we got closer to his house a new butterfly in my stomach grew, this happened regularly. I always seemed to get butterflies when I was meeting Luke, I had always taken it as a good thing though, like out of the movies. I stared out of the window, deep in thought. The sky was black with a few stars dotted spontaneously around the velvet blanket. The slightest of a breeze floated its way through some trees. Soon, we had arrived. "Well, have fun Allis. I will pick you up at eleven yes?" my mom smiled. "yeah, thanks. See you later," I said as I stepped out of our car and into the dark street. As my mom drove away, I took a deep breath. "Everything will be fine," I assured myself, then made my way up the small path leading to Luke's front door. It was a reasonably big house he lived in, the door was wooden and very grand looking. I hesitated before knocking and took a step back. A few seconds later Luke appeared at the door, I looked up at him, he was beautiful. His blond hair swept across his face and his ocean blue eyes sparkled in the night. "Hello Allis," he smiled giving me a wink. I blushed. " hey there," I smiled back, leaning up to give him a hug. I felt at home and safe. He kept his arm around my shoulder and let me into the warmth of his house. It was always bright and cosy looking, I loved this house. As I stared around Luke gently slipped my jacket off my shoulders and took my hand leading me upstairs to his bedroom. As usual, I made myself at home and lay down on his bed.  "So, I said I wanted to give you something," he said quietly, his eyes directly on me.  "I believe you did," I smiled.  "Okay, hang on." he said as he went over to his white chest of drawers. He opened the top drawer and put something in his hand. I couldn't see what it was. He turned on his ankle and had the object clasped between his hands.  "What is it?" I asked curiously. He held out a necklace. It had a silver chain and a love heart pentacle which was a deep red. It was lovely.  "Oh wow-" "Let me put it on you," he said. he unclipped it and put it around my neck before clipping it shut again. Then, the love heart  centre began to glow. Instead of the deep red it was before, it had now turned a bright red.  "How did it automatically start glowing?" I asked, searching for the switch, nothing.  "It glows when you are in love with the person who gave you it. This means you are in love with me, I'm sorry I didn't believe you before," "Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much, I will love you forever." I smiled as I leaned forward and pressed my lips lightly against his. Fireworks shot around my head, he was the one, my soul mate, my forever.   

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