+*{Chapter 2}*+

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~Lil time skip uwu~

+*{Dracos POV}*+

Potter raced out of classroom so fast he didn't bother to bring his textbooks. I pointed this out to my godfather and for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to send ME to return them.

If you couldn't tell i'm internally rolling my eyes.

I pick up my stuff, along with Potters and set off to find the weasel and the mudblood. I strut out of class and decide to check the library first. I was turning the corner when I ran into someone, for the second time today, might I add. It was the weasel. "Malfoy, why in Merlins name do you have Harry's stuff?!" he said louder than expected.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist weasel," I said while dusting off my robes, "Potter ran off in the middle of class and forgot his junk, Professor made me go to find him. I was actually off to find you or Granger-" I shoved the books to his chest, "- so here." I gave him a sarcastic smirk and walked off, leaving him to pick up the rest of the books.

I decide to go to the washroom to make sure I got any remaining dust or germs from the weasel off. I'm about to walk into the washroom when I hear someone mumbling. I slowly open the door, being careful not to let it creak, and peek inside.

I see... Potter? He's sitting on the ground near the sink with stacks of books piled up around him, he looks more stressed than usual. Has he always been this pale? Or this scrawny? Why am I only noticing this now? Wait... why am I noticing this at all?

Potter is my enemy. I shouldn't care about how he's doing or his mental health. But I do, and I don't know why?

His emerald green eyes look duller than usual, his hair a bit more messy. I quickly catch myself staring, make my way out of the washroom, and start towards my next class before I can be caught.


"Pansy, he looked so sad!" I said exasperated. "He was so much duller than usual! And he looked so stressed!" she smirked and I realized it sounded like I cared, which I don't! "N-not that he doesn't totally deserve it for being such a git!"

We were sitting on my bed when Blaise walked in. "Potter this! Potter that! Potter, I want you to suck my dick!" he mocked. He and Pansy broke out laughing while I sat in disgust.

"I do not sound like that!" I protested, " Besides, I'm not gay." I heard Pansy giggle as I said that, "Something funny, Parkinson?" I asked.

"It's just-" she was practically on the floor laughing by now, "- you denying your obvious attraction to blokes!" At that comment Blaise started snickering.

"She's not wrong mate, everyone knows you talk about Potter alllll the time." he stated.

"You guys are impossible!" I throw my hands up in exasperation and storm out of my room. I hear them laughing behind me, but decide to just ignore it and go to the library.

As i'm walking out of the Slytherin common room I hear footsteps, I look around but see no one. Guess I was imagining it? I would look into it more but I need to get an essay done for Charms.


+*{Harry's POV}*+

That was close.

He almost saw me.

Ok, so I know this seems pretty bad, but this was all for research purposes. From what I've noticed, the burning only occurs in my throat when i'm near Malfoy. Or when I think about him.

As if on cue, my throat starts burning again and I go into another coughing fit. I hope Malfoy is far enough away that he doesn't hear me. My throat starts burning more, and my coughs become more violent, damn it I thought of him again. I already knew what to expect, one petal. One beautiful blue-grey petal. The coughing seized, but this time I didn't have one, but two.

Two petals.


Ahhhh I really hope i'm not going to fast, i'm better at short story's, but a friend recommended I make a full story! I'll do my best but it might seem a little rushed, like I always say, if you have any tips or tricks to make my writing better pleaseeee let me know!

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