Not so Innocent

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Stewart had arrived back at my room right after I had finished getting ready. My scalp ached as I walked down the hall with him. It had taken me almost twenty minutes to untangle my hair, the brush I was smart enough to pack had almost broken in two half-way through.

"You're looking much better." Stewart had said when he saw me, I had just nodded in response and followed him out of the room. I was now wearing a pair of dark jeans and a red sweatshirt, which was definitely a step up from my previous outfit, which had been covered in sweat and dirt.

I remained silent as we went down the stairs and back into the common area. I barely saw the people staring at me as we stepped into the room with the three large tables. Stewart gestured towards a pair of wooden doors on the opposite side of the kitchen's entrance. I hadn't even noticed them earlier. The room was relatively big, a large television screen hung on the opposite wall. A big, oval-shaped table stood in front of it, a table where five people were sitting and staring up at me. It took me a minute to compose myself, I had known that I was going to meet them, but that didn't make it any less intimidating.

As I glanced around the room I was surprised to see Griffin, who had given no indication that she was going to be here when we had first met. When our eyes met she smiled and gave me a small wave. Next to her was Ben, who was staring at me as though I had just kicked his dog. He folded his arms and leaned back into his chair as Stewart and I walked in. My eyes grazed over the others, snagging on a guy with pale silver skin and luminous gray eyes. It wasn't unusual for Abnormals to have strange physical characteristics, so his appearance honestly did not shock me.

"You're late." One of the girls said, drawing my attention to her. I tried not to show my surprise as I recognized the pink hair and brown eyes belonging to the girl from Stewart's memories.

"Not really, you're just early, V." Stewart said, and once again I had to suppress my look of recognition and shock as I realized that's the name Stewart had called out last night. Right before that sound had nearly split my head open.


Stewart walked towards the table and gestured for me to take a seat next to him. We were on the opposite side of the others, which intensified the feeling that this was some kind of job interview. I squared my shoulders and tried to muster as much of the bravery I had felt earlier. But somehow even that calm, strong voice in my mind had gone silent in the face of these people. I internally rolled my eyes at it.

"Right, well, introductions," Stewart said, still smiling but obviously feeling the tension in the room. He pointed to the guy with the silver skin. "That's Axel, it's not just his appearance that resembles a statue, but his demeanor as well." True to the description, Axel stayed quiet and simply gave me a quick nod.

"Next to him is Sarah. Never, ever take any food from her, it might be death peppers." This made the girl laugh, she brushed a few stray strands of dark blonde hair away from her freckled cheeks, as she smiled at me.

"He's just being dramatic. It's nice to meet you, Rose." I was honestly surprised by her friendly greeting, so I simply just smiled and nodded.

"Then that's V." He gestured to the girl sitting at the head of the table. Half of her short pink hair was taken up into a ponytail, the rest curled slightly around her face. She stared at me, her eyes surveying my every move. "She might look tough, but she actually has a heart of gold." Griffin coughed, clearly trying to hide a snort.

"Then you've obviously met Griffin and Ben." I smiled at Griffin, not daring to even glance at Ben.

"Alright, let's get to it then. What is this all about, Stewart?" V asked, her eyes narrowing slightly. I tried not to react to her words, forcing my face to be unreadable and neutral.

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