Chapter Thirty Six

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Jax's PoV

Since Annabelle visited me in my dreams things here have been moving at lightning speed.

Once we knew the where is was just a matter of how we were going to pull this off.

Alpha Parker's territory was well guarded with patrols going round the perimeter constantly, checking for intruders. Even though I was desperate to get my mate back I didn't want to endanger my pack members lives in the process and with that in mind my dad and I went to find reinforcements.

We first visited a pack a few hours south from us. We had helped him out a few years ago with a rouge problem they were having in return for a favour.

Alpha Troy was a loyal Alpha and believed someone's word was binding, if he said he owed us a favour, no matter what it was, I knew he would help.

Once we got the agreement that he would help us out we went further a field, if we were going to win with as few casualties as possible we would need numbers.

Within 36 hours we had managed to gather four separate packs together, not including our own and were ready to attack. Alpha Troy and Dixon would go through the south of Alpha Parker's territory, causing as much chaos as possible to draw the pack warriors to them whilst Alpha Michael and Caleb would go through the north secretly, trapping the warriors of Alpha Parker's pack in and making them unable to reach the bunker.

My pack would filter in through the east, a few at a time so as not to rouse suspicion. Then when the time came, myself and a few other trusted pack warriors would head towards the bunker and rescue Annabelle, Will, Xavier and the others.

I just hoped that it worked. I haven't had a proper nights sleep since Annabelle was taken and I was so ready to just curl up with her in my arms for a week.

The one thing I worry most about is her reverting back to her old self, back to the person that was scared to talk, scared to be touched. The thought of that makes my heart break, she had been through so much through out her life and the bad stuff just keeps on coming.

"Alpha Jax, were all ready to g"' Alpha Troy informed me as he walked into my office. Alpha Troy was a big guy, standing at 6'6 with the muscle mass to match it. Anyone in their right mind would be wary of him but put him in the near vicinity of his mate and he turns into a soppy wolf.

I nod in his direction before closing my laptop and following him out the door. My wolf was on edge, eager to get on with the rescue and get his mate and pack back. I had to hold him back though, someone with the powers of an Alpha can not loose themselves to their emotions, especially at times like this. The consequences could be catastrophic.

I walk out the house and am met with thousands of warriors, all saying good bye to their families as they prepare themselves for a battle. I was instantly over come with pride, pride for my people and what they are willing to sacrifice for the pack and for each other.

"Everyone!" I yell, gaining everyone's attention. "Today we fight, side by side, not only for the safety of my pack but for the safety of wolves everywhere. Today we will be sending a clear message to anyone who is thinking of crossing us that we will not lay down and roll over, we will rally together and we will fight, for our packs and for our friends."

I look around the crowd as I take in the faces of each and every person in front of me. I then look to my left to see the other Alphas standing next to me, their chests puffed out in pride as they too take in the sheer strength and determination of their own packs.

"Today we will so Alpha Parker and we will show everyone that we are not to be messed with" I yelled, my voice gaining in volume with every word. "Now let's show them what we are capable of, let's bring back our trackers, our Beta and our Luna!" I yell and am met with thousands of voices cheering as we start making our way off towards Alpha Parker. He is not going to know what hit him.

Oh god... it's about to go DOWN!

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