Chapter Two

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We arrived at his house where Gracie greeted us both with a smile and a wagging tail. Zak loved on her and showed me to my room for now while he helped me with my bags. It was just next to his room and I was surprised that I'd be sleeping next to his bedroom.

"Let's get some sleep. We'll celebrate tomorrow," he smiled.

He closed the door as I began to undress myself and put on my pajamas. Getting into bed, I realized that I heard him sighing. Smiling, I covered myself and feel asleep quickly.

The next morning, I woke up to Gracie laying next to me. Sitting up, she crawled up to me and started kissing me.

"Good morning to you too, Gracie," I smiled.

She jumped down and began running off. I remember my door was shit, but I wonder why it was open? Standing to my feet, I put in my slippers and walked down the hall to smell that something was being fixed.

"Gracie, get down," he commanded gently. "Gracie, that's for Mandy!"
"Is she being a little mischievous?" I laughed.

Zak looked up to see me. He was cute in the mornings. Jogging pants to his hips, baggy shirt, and messy shirt. He still wore his glasses which was a top. He smiled.

"Good morning and yes, she is."
"It's okay. My dog used to do that," I smiled.
"Really? What happened to your dog?"
"Cancer. It took him right when I found out."

His eyes went wide and he dropped his head low.

"I'm sorry. Cancer is," he began as I interrupted.
"A demon that takes everything you love. If it doesn't take what you love, it'll take a piece of you to make sure you don't feel like yourself or you don't feel whole. If anything, cancer is like a demon."

Zak stood amazed at my words.

"It seems as if you have experience with cancer."
"I had cancer, Zak. I was three. I only have one kidney."

I pulled my long black hair into a bun as my blueish green eyes were fixated at his kitchen island. He noticed something changed about me.

"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I just don't like to talk about it," I stated. "It's just - I get to thinking of the things I can't do."
"I understand," he begins. "After we eat breakfast, let's go out into the town. Just wear whatever you want."

I watched him walk away to his bedroom and I was blown away. He was just - amazing as a person. After I was done eating, Gracie followed me into the bedroom and I laid out a selection of items. I was confused. She looked at me as if she were to say, "Do I need to help you?"

"Yes, girl. Come here and help me!"

Gracie, wagging her tail, walked over and pointed to a navy green shirt sleeve shirt which was a V-neck. She then sat and tilted her head as she panted.

"Okay, but what about pants?"

She then jumped on the bed at the pants I threw on there and grabbed one. It was black skinny jeans with holes all over.

"Let me guess, my black combat boots?"

She barked while wagging her tail. She ran out the door and scratched at Zak's door while he was getting ready. I decided to crack my door and get dressed. Zak then opened his door and asked Gracie if she was okay.

"Why are you pulling my pants?!"

Gracie then ran in my room while only the navy green shirt was on. I wasn't wearing any pants. Zak saw and shielded his eyes.

"I'm sorry," he quickly said. "I didn't realize that you were getting ready."
"It's okay. It's mostly my fault. I left the door cracked," I replied pulling the pants up. "You can look now."

Zak looked up at me and looked as if drool should be dripping from his mouth.

"Zak? Are you okay?" I laughed.
"Yeah, it's just - I'll meet you outside," he replied.


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