Louis - Fighting

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Louis - Fighting


You ran your hands up Niall's bare back as he kissed and sucked on your neck. You moaned loudly and wrapped your legs around his waist. "Mmm... baby, you're so sexy." Niall moaned drunkily as he started lifting up your shirt.

He threw your shirt on the ground and pushed you on the bed. You were at Harry's birthday party and had gotten drunk with Niall, when things started to heat up on the dance floor. It got so hot, he took you to the bedroom upstairs.

He kissed your lips sloppily and squeezed your bum. "Ah!" you gasped. "Ooooh, t-tease." You giggled and ran your fingers through his blonde hair. 

You kissed him again while you unbuckled his belt. You tossed it on the ground and slowly pulled down his jeans. "F-Fasteeer!" he whined. "I wanna fuck you soooo badly."

"I know!" you laughed. You kissed him, forcing your tongue in his mouth. He moaned as you giggled into the kiss. All of a sudden, the door slammed open but you ignored it and carried on kissing him, not giving a fuck.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" you jumped startled and sat up, your legs still wrapped around Niall. You turned around and saw your boyfriend, Louis, standing in the doorway. His face was red with anger and because of how drunk you were, you saw steam pouring out of his ears. 

"Baby?" you hiccuped. "Wot's wroooong?" 

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!" he screamed as he stomped in the room before slamming the door closed. You covered your ears with your palms. "You're soooo loud!" 

"(y/n) WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN BED WITH NIALL?!" he shouted at you. 

"What do ya thiiiink?" you laughed. "You're stoopid! Hehe."

"NIALL! GET OUT!" he screamed. Niall got up and ran out the door. "Buh byeee!" Niall shouted.

*flashback over*

It's been two days since the incident with Niall. You barely remembered anything besides Louis yelling. Harry had to tell you what happened, and you felt terrible. Louis hasn't spoken to you since then and you were worried.

You were lying on your bed, hugging your pillow. You really wished you hadn't gotten drunk, but the party was just so crazy. Your phone vibrated next to you, and you hoped it was Louis. You picked it up and checked your messages. It was just your friend saying hi. You sighed and put it down next to you. You had texted and called Louis about fifteen times in the past two days, trying to apologize but he never answered. 

All of a sudden, there was a harsh knock at your door. You got up and shuffled to the door and open it. It was Louis! He looked really angry. Was he this mad when he caught me and Niall? you thought.

"Louis..." you said softly. He stomped in your apartment and slammed the door.

"Did I say you could come in?" you asked rudely. He ignored your comment and crossed his arms.

"Why were you in the bedroom with NIALL?!" he asked angrily. Louis was scary when he was mad.

"W-We were drunk... we didn't do anything, L-Louis..." you said shakily. 

"Bullshit." he growled. "You would have if I hadn't walked in!"

You looked down at your feet. "I'm sorry."

"Whatever." he rolled his eyes. "You left me alone for HIM? I went to get a drink and you weren't there anymore. Harry told me you went upstairs and thats what I saw! You and Niall!!"

"Louis! I was drunk!" you started raising your voice.

"I don't give a damn if you were drunk or not."

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