Your face falls into a fluffy pink pillow as your face burns red and nervous giggles escapes your lips. Your head pops back up and glares at the blonde next to you, she just keeps giggling at the camera.

"Rydel!" You giggle complain, "Why did you tell them that?"

Her head turns until her light brown eyes meet yours and she's still smiling her classic Rydel smile, "They asked what our most embarrassing moment was!"

You let out a sigh, "That was only embarrassing for me!"

She lets out another giggle, "But I was there and that makes it our most embarrassing moment."

You look at the camera again. You and Rydel were doing a UStream for some of the R5 fans because they had been begging to see one of Rydel's famous girl nights. Unfortunately, Kelly and the other girls weren't able to make it, so it was just you and Rydel. You smile at the camera, "Any other questions? Maybe a little less embarrassing?"

"I'll be right back! We are almost out of peanut butter M&Ms!" Rydel yells and jumps off of her bed. You watch her pink hello kitty pajamas disappear out of the frame.

You can't stop giggling, "And this is why we are best friends." You glance over at the comments and decide to look for some good questions to answer and stumble upon a few. "How did Rydel and I meet? That's a good question. We actually-"

"Can I steal some M&Ms?" Riker asks interrupting you. You turn around and your eyes lock with Riker's you feel a blush creeping onto your face as you tried not to stare at Riker's naked torso.

"Rydel just went to go get some." You say nonchalantly immediately proud of yourself for not freaking out.

Riker walks farther into Rydel's room and lays down next to you, "Okay, I'll just wait here then. What are you doing?"

You try to steady your breath at the proximity of Riker. You've always had the biggest crush on him, but he's always been the most unattainable of the Lynches because of your major crush, "We are doing a UStream. Say 'Hi' Riker."

"Hi Riker," He does his funny Riker laugh and you smile. He turns his head toward you and your eyes meet, "Are you answering questions?"

You nod and you both look for some questions to answer. You try to skip over some of the fans questions asking if you and Riker were a couple.

"Would you ever kiss her? Actually..." Riker asks and you turn to look at him slightly surprised he actually is going to answer the question and eager to learn the answer. His face is in one of his classic smirks and he turns to face you. Riker leans in very slowly. His eyes on yours, but they break and he glances slowly down at your lips and then back up to your eyes. Riker bites his lip and your heart starts to race. His face gets closer and your eyes now flutter closed prepared for your first kiss with Riker, but you never feel his lips touch yours. You open your eyes and look at him, his face centimeters from yours, his lips practically touching yours. He pulls back and looks at the camera smiling, "Maybe."

You can't help but feel disappointed, but you try not to show it, so you laugh and push Riker's shoulder playfully. You two answer some more questions, but decide to log off in order to go find Rydel. Unable to find Rydel, you both end up sitting on the corner of the pool with your feet dangling in the cool water.

"I've always loved this weather." You say quietly. You're wearing a blue hoodie and blue jean shorts. It is fall so it's not hot, but since it was dark out, it was a little cold.

"I do, too. It's so nice. Tomorrow we should have a bonfire." Riker looks at you and smiles. Something comes over his face, but he quickly covers it.