chapter 1

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You woke up with a start. Grabbing your phone, you dashed downstairs and immediately sat down at the dining table where your mother had prepared a breakfast for you.

"Your lunch is on the table, dear. Prepare it yourself," She said as she took her bag and went outside where your father awaits. They went to work.

You glanced at the wall clock that reads 6:05 AM. You nodded and went back to eating your meal.

After plenty of minutes of preparing yourself for school, you spared a glance at the clock again. 45 minutes have passed. Thinking you still have time to walk to school, you took the bag you readied since last night and went out the house, locking it properly.

Finally you had arrived at the school you've grown to love (not really).

A smile lifted your lips when you saw a familiar auburn-haired standing by the entrance of the school. You quickly jogged up the steps of the stairs as she waved frantically. You both met halfway and hugged to your heart's content. You parted, giving you a chance to take a deep breath.

"I missed you!" Alya exclaimed. She kept her hands on your shoulders when she suddenly brought her phone out and fully slung an arm around your shoulders. "Selfie!" You smiled as she pressed the button on your camera.

After all of that, the two of you walked inside the school, Alya filling you in with all the stuff she had accomplished the whole summer. You nodded at every sentences she spouted. You didn't have anything interesting to share after all. You just loitered around your house.

"We went to Venice! I'll show you all the pictures later. You won't believe what happened at this restaurant we went to."

Oh you went to different places, too; the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room. All of the different places your home could offer.

Eventually, the both of you entered the classroom. Fortunately, Bustier was still your homeroom teacher, but this year she will be the one arranging your seats for the whole year.

"Rose, you will be seating next to Juleka here at the front table. Kim, you will besides Alix."

The girl standing next to you sighed irritatingly as she picked up her bag and settled in on the table that Bustier had assigned. Great. She just had to share it with her rival for the whole year.

The teacher soon called your name and said that you will be seating at the back of the classroom, a different twist from last year. You almost grumbled. Sitting at the back means not seeing much, not hearing much. The only advantage it has was that the table was near the air-conditioner. The cold temperature is all to yourself.

Unfortunately (you think so), Kagami had to transfer to the other classroom in exchange for Nino. He sat next to Chloe.

You were enjoying the cold air all alone when Bustier spoke. "Adrien, why don't you sit at the back as well?"

"Shit." You cursed under your breath. Memories from last year had resurfaced in your mind and all of a sudden you're mentally freaking out. The last thing you saw was him sauntering towards you before you averted your eyes on the wooden table.

He sat down. "...hey."

I have to act normal. Act like nothing happened. You faced him with a smile that could easily fool the guy. "Hey."

Adrien smiled back. "How's your summer?"

"Good. I just slept through it."

He laughed a good laugh. "Well, we're in tenth grade now. We gotta make it count, right?"

"Right." You nodded. Okay, that wasn't a bad conversation. He didn't mention the confession from a few months ago. You didn't know if you should be happy or sad about it.

Adrien will be your seatmate for the whole year. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? How will everything turn out?

end of chapter one


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