The Best Friend

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I think it goes without saying that I am infatuated with Harry. The mere thought of him lightens up my day no matter how shitty it has been.

"Liam here's the last batch," Niall said as he placed another stack of folders which needed to be signed.

I sighed deeply as I browsed over the documents on my desk. There were numerous things to be paid as well as redeemed and after scanning folder after folder, I take my pen scribbling a few notes on some of them then signing the others without another thought as I placed them in front of me neatly in two stacks.

My gaze averted sideward to the glass walls of the office as I looked out at the sunset, a smile forming on my lips as I realized that it not only meant the end of the day but also meant I could see 'Harry' tonight. I heard Niall clear his throat which caused me to look at him in confusion.

"Don't tell me you're really going to see that prostitute again tonight," he said as he took the folders from my table looking up at me disapprovingly as he met my gaze.

"Can you stop saying that?" I groaned as I turned my chair to the side as I croseed my arms over my chest, eager for the discussion to end.

"Well the first time you met, he wasn't actually shy about how much it costed for him to suck your dick," Niall pointed out, disgust obvious in his tone.

"Look, he doesn't just do that okay?" I muttered, my gaze averting down to my feet as I tapped the on the shiny wooden floor mindlessly.

"Oh? So you got a private detective to spy on him now or something?" Niall raised his eyebrow as he walked back to his desk clearing up the files and placing them in sorted stacks. He then scribbled down a few things on a post-it before sitting down on his chair, his gaze back on me.

As he stared, I felt how much he was judging me and I could only shrug as I looked up at him shaking my head, "I saw him at my mum and dad's anniversary party, he was one of the servers and we got to... Talk a bit."

"What you finally managed to grow a pair? Well that's new," Niall chuckled almost insultingly as he kept looking at me, interest obvious in his expression.

"Listen I just, I don't want to judge him for what he does okay? I.. I don't care," I ended my statement frowning a bit as I fidgeted with my hands.

Niall shook his head as he walked over to me, "Hey, all I'm saying is you have to be careful, we don't know who he is and I wouldn't want you suffering another heartbreak alright? That's really painful to watch."

I felt Niall's hand squeeze my shoulder which caused me to look up at him, frowning as I  see his sad expression, "I know but.. I'll be careful." I tried to reassure him which made him smile a bit but I think the smile was for more of my sake than his.

"Try driving back to your house and changing into something more casual then? If you really want to swoon him, wearing a suit all the time might cause him to lose interest," Niall laughed as he turned to his desk, taking his suitcase then turning back to me with a smile.

"I'll come by your flat at about 7:30 okay? I'll pick your clothes," Niall said as he walked to the door, holding it ajar.

"I can pick clothes for myself!" I said as I watched him shake his head giving me a big mocking smile.

"Do you really want curly boy to think you're some pimp or drug lord? Don't. Wait for me okay?" He said as he disappeared from view stepping out of the office. He waved a hand by the door as he shut it closed before I could agrue or whine about what he said.

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